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ROrrlossn 2 ก.พ. @ 11:15am 
Nice One
crooks5001 26 ม.ค. @ 1:19pm 
The Aquarium map causes some serious slow down and shaking on both Xbox One and Steam almost to the point its unplayable. Has anyone else had this issue?
--sordid-- 26 ม.ค. @ 10:01am 
the unstable connections have made this game unplayable:(
Mr. Tolas 24 ม.ค. @ 6:05am 
dunno if i'm posting in the right place but i don't seem to rank up in solo competitive... after 4/5 wins in a row i'm still in division 1 of prospect 1...
Rhun Tzu 23 ม.ค. @ 6:58am 
Psyonix god damn it just fix super fast boostin' and turning will ya ?!
Samus L. Jackson 21 ม.ค. @ 1:14pm 
I love this game and all the support it is getting. And I love having non-standard maps (especially Neo Tokyo).

Please fix Lobos. And the weird super-boost glitch.

But sincerely, the amount of value I got for my purchase is insane. What a great game.
☯ Phisty 21 ม.ค. @ 4:44am 
[W] SlipStream [H] Keys
.Mr. Robot 20 ม.ค. @ 7:16pm 
[H] Ara-51 (Burnt Sienna) - [W] 7 Keys
[H] Asterias (Cobalt) - [W] 1 Key
[H] Tunica (Orange) - [W] 2 Keys
[H] Tunica (Burnt Sienna) - [W] 1 Key
[H] Veloce (Titanium White) - [W] 2 Keys
[H] Lobo - [W] 1 Key
[H] Lobo (Cert. Striker) - [W] 1.25 Keys
[H] Lobo (Orange) - [W] 3 Keys
[H] Sunburst (Green Lime) - [W] 2 Keys
[H] Sunburst (Crimson) - [W] 5 Keys
[H] Chakram - [W] 1 Key
[H] FSL (Cert. Juggler) - [W] 1.5 Keys
[H] FSL (Cert. Modal) - [W] 1.5 Keys
[H] Lowrider (Pink) - [W] 1 Key
[H] Rat Rod (Orange) - [W] 1 Key
[H] Spiralis - [W] 1 Key
[H] Spiralis (Cert. Goal Keeper) - [W] 1.5 Keys
[H] Spiralis (Cert. Sniper) - [W] 1.5 Keys
[H] Troïka - [W] 1 Key
Rhun Tzu 20 ม.ค. @ 4:35am 
When will you fix the super fast turning bug ?? It's getting more annoyin' every single day!!