The "Happy Birthday, Lovecraft!" update

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Scriptscreamer Nov 27 @ 1:57pm 
love this game and all that it has....
Kaj Taotsu Sep 25 @ 10:32pm 
I'm wondering where the Asylum is also...but maybe that's just another part of the mystery and adventure..
Congrats on the update! (late reply is late)
Mercury199 Aug 24 @ 7:05am 
Awesome update, can't wait till workshop is added.
Purple Fiction Aug 21 @ 10:48pm 
Great update, thanks for continuing to update the game. I'm still waiting for the duster coat dlc though.
Leo Aug 21 @ 3:20pm 
love this game, awesome it's still getting support.
janishewski Aug 21 @ 2:44pm 
Great update. An example to other game developers.
Angluca Aug 21 @ 10:05am 
nekkowe! Aug 21 @ 7:46am 

Workshop for what, exactly :I
Arucard Aug 21 @ 2:33am 
Awesome, but workshop would have really driven people mad you know. ;)
Xoki Aug 21 @ 2:02am 
love you devs