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StarDrive 2

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[bhtp]Ataman Jul 17 @ 12:30pm 
You want money? Try finishing your other games first.
Wayz Jul 9 @ 8:39pm 
lol, why create a game with inferior table top play on a platform that is capable of so, so much more.
I enjoyed the hell out of stardrive 1 & even against all reviews I had fun on sd2 but yeah, will pass on this one sorry. I would rather sd2 got some love.
Typo91 Jul 9 @ 3:26am 
Please finish Star Drive 2.... there is currently bugs that break the game... also many many people agree that the DLC has issues, including myself.

A few fix patches to Star Drive 2 would win you back a lot favor from a lot of people.
Gaius Cassius Jul 7 @ 6:05pm 
Youre doing a great job Zero, the unfortunate issue with Steam is that the immature are allowed to roam to freely and leave comments like those below. "How dare you not spend every moment of your life for decades not working on the same game!!!"

SD1 was amazing, i hope you bring back that same RTS style to SD3 whenever that becomes a next project.
adam Jul 3 @ 12:34am 
Did anyone else get the email spam about this game, because we signed up on the stardrive forums? Ugh.
bugy855 Jul 2 @ 6:06pm 
_sigh_ never again, bought stardrive one cuz it looked awesome, unfortunatly i had no idea it was unfinished until i bought it, then I see stardrive 2 and think maybe this is going to be completed. NOPE, its sad to see you move onto another game when your others had such great potential.
Ardor Jun 29 @ 9:39am 
What a story about a talented man, a brilliant project and abandoned hopes. That is a really shame that such a good game, are just adandoned Really this games have something that others lacks, soul maybe.
fernav2008 Jun 27 @ 3:15am 
You would get more support if you let modders work in your games... Enable workshop and perhaps mod community will forgive you... meanwhile, go to hell with your "new" game that will be unfinished soon after taking money
fernav2008 Jun 27 @ 3:09am 
Haaahahahahaahahah you're kidding!!! I will NEVER support any game coming from you UNTIL you finish fixing Stardrive 2
Dark Nero *=_VF_=* Jun 25 @ 1:09pm 
Zed, your opinion differs too much from the opinion of the majority of people who have left their reviews on StarDrive 2.

I am glad that people are warning new customers, that helped me save my money from being spent on another abandonware.