Double Dragon Neon Update Now Live!

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Dicky Cabeza Jun 29 @ 10:00pm 
Dicky Cabeza Jun 26 @ 5:07pm 
Lies, this crashes my windows while it loads. Total waste of money. Stay away.
tatsumakimaru Jun 21 @ 4:33am 
random crashed frequently on different situations, using dragon spawn in bro-op mode cause freezes on my screen (game still running on other bro's comp, but everyone in my screen aint moving), using more dragon spawn in bro-op mode causes either de-sync or crashes, cant remember which elevator stage, triggering life stealing after clearing the mob cause the game stuck on same screen.
Parasololol IV Apr 2 @ 5:59pm
the issue is i can't connect to my Bro
thus no brotacular Fun
codhand Mar 31 @ 5:22am 
Still having online coop issues after the patch, starting at Chapter 8 and continuing. Enjoying the game as much as we can.
gb7zone7 Mar 14 @ 6:54pm 
I should note that after beating the elevator part of the Final Palace keeps online co-op frozen until one guest is kicked, if the guest rejoins they cant move until another stage is picked
Sgt.Ratla Mar 8 @ 2:07am 
Im still experincing issues since the updates, things like slight lag which seemed more consistent in specific areas on levels , also experienced game freezes & game crashes within the first 2 levels, please fix it :)
Tanooki Mar 6 @ 6:24am 
Still doesnt work for me. I launch the the game and the screen doesnt even come up. Getting real tired of this and about to give up on this game.
HaL 618 Mar 5 @ 10:10pm 
there is no way to get Double Dragon achievement I beat this game 3 times on double dragon diffuclty with friendly fire enabled.
Rudnev Mar 5 @ 8:11am 
All fixes is useless, game is still glithing, chrashing and mistiming, when I play online. Playing online practically impossible. Difficult to pass even one level online without game crash.