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Trooper_Roberts Apr 18 @ 1:13pm 
One of the tweaks for the update was priority to plants when they are ready to harvest. However, I've found that colonists won't go and harvest the plants even after destroying and rebuilding them. They also tend to constantly want to repair the Atmosphere Gen's even with the researched upgrades, 6 Utility bots in the base and only 4 Generators in the base. It's a tad annoying when 10 colonists go to repair all 4 at once and then go do something like sittng around for a bit then do the same and the Utility bots don't do anything either because of it...
roger_morningstar Apr 6 @ 10:14am 
keep up the good work. :)
Abhorrent Mar 20 @ 11:01am 
will it have multiplayer or co-op at least local LAN someday in future Development? good job btw till now. nice work for such a tiny team staff. Keep up
Hospoguy76 Mar 9 @ 5:46am 

If that's what u think then all I can say is, I hope I never have to travel to another world with u and build a livable base.

I know I definitely would not go walking into a room that was cold and had no enbironment setup yet and just sit down and do nothing! Which as I said no sane person that would travel to space would either!
Th3Griffin66 Mar 8 @ 7:02pm 
@hospoguy76 so just like real life
Hospoguy76 Mar 7 @ 8:06am 
Trying to play another several times and something that is really irrating is the fact the colonist even though they've got a lot to do would rather walk into a room complaining about being cold or that they don't have this or that when their even standing in the freaken room where the damn table is to research but they'd rather complain and then just run around and around not doing anything and just pigging out way too often on the bloody limited resources rather than working on projects that you want them too!!!

I'm pretty sure astronauts when dealing with survival in space don't just do nothing as soon as it reaches their second day in space and just keep calling NASA and complaining about this and that, and just stuffing their bellies because they see there's heaps of resources at the start!

At the moment I'm lucky if I even manage to get to day 6 without failing all together in a custom exploration game!
Evangeline Mar 2 @ 12:47pm 
Mr. Lavah Lava oooh
Evangeline Mar 2 @ 12:46pm 
The floor is lava!
Hospoguy76 Feb 21 @ 9:10pm 
I thought I was missing something with the 3D printer, I was always thinking it just seemed like a waste of space.
simon Feb 21 @ 11:25am 
I would certainly recommend having 3 or more IMPs if you can. Just beware that they are attention seekers and might waste the time arguing with your colonists if left idle!