0.61: A Maze Of Death

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Trooper_Roberts Jun 10 @ 11:32am 
Colonists are still not eating/drink much even if you have loads of both rations and water in base. Death by fatigue is also very common now even if there is very little to cause it. Having a colonist die from fatigue going from landing capsule to airlock and not being on the surface more then a minute sucks...
tomtomtrooper May 29 @ 1:36pm 
when french patch please
fedos May 18 @ 6:50pm 
So... I haven't tried playing Maia since I upgraderd my computer (before my upgrade it would load to a black screen).

I'm finding that the cursor is not very responsive to my mouse. Also, trying to change the Visuals settings halts the game.
CaptnJones May 18 @ 1:56pm 
Since the last update, things is worst. Colonists aren't able to come out of the airlock. If they are able to come out, they go without their suit and go right back into the base. So it's not possible to make any electricity anymore.
Oupa_VAti_kaki May 10 @ 7:45am 
Looks good, and I am glad you have some fixes/patches for some of the errors and glitches. Great game, and looks very promising. Keep it up!!!
Remember, a great game is a mix of good graphics, functionality/gameplay, and enjoyability.
Don't go the wrong way of other game developers and make the game GRAPHICS SO GOOD, but gameplay and content is dull. That's were you lose your buyers
Elendurwen May 5 @ 4:19pm 
dev: what do you see this game as? or, in other words, what do you think is the main challenge of the game? to me, growing the colony just for the sake of growing it seems kind of pointless but maybe I am missing something. is there some kind of goal to all this?
Breaker May 3 @ 6:05am 
I thought this game was DEAD! lol
BreezyCorpse Apr 28 @ 11:09pm 
Could you fix the AI, I have plenty of food and water but the idiots keep dieing from starvation
Blue Monkey Apr 23 @ 1:18pm 
Could you identify and fix the problems I sent you (in the 0.60 dev thread)?
kai_gangrel Apr 21 @ 8:30am 
Looks good, keep up the good work.