Alpha 6.1 auto update is out!

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Sergeant Tbag Jan 30 @ 10:26am 
"☜(mGeN)☞justtypical_b Jan 25 @ 11:40pm
I found this game a waste of money. My friend and i looked for at least and hour to find a working server, but none worked. Also making a server doesnt work. I just wish i had bought a game that worked with my fucking $35. If anyone knows how to make a working server or to join a working server please freaking tell me."

lmao alpha game is alpha
Caboose Jan 30 @ 8:50am 
some people dont know how to read instructions -_-
[RG] avenged sevenfold Jan 29 @ 6:24pm 
it appears when u log in i think
luketuckey5 Jan 29 @ 10:26am 
how do you git the update
mercone Jan 29 @ 5:52am 
No full controller support?
BunnyBKiller Jan 28 @ 4:28pm 
Would like to know how often you plan to add new updates to the game and can we have some notice about when they might be due or coming close so we can all wait in anticipation as this is a great idea for a game and luv what has come out so far. still, more regular updates on progress would be luvingly appreciated.
goblynn Jan 28 @ 1:59pm 
people talking about some things not working in the game..and how it was a waste of money...but dont you realize..this is an ALPHA!! if it was finished..go ahead and complain about glitches and certain nonfunctionality..but this is an ALPHA..

also this game is awesome
Hoodie Ninja Jan 27 @ 4:01am 
I got this error code 2013-12-18_170344 12485250215
Heckel07 Jan 26 @ 12:03pm 
still no fix for mac. the auto update to 6.1 still an issue.
Mkrog Jan 26 @ 6:10am 
yes i can't ether