Alpha 8.2 is out!

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bdshelley Jun 13 @ 11:44pm 
thank you for for the fixing the crashs for old save files please coutinue the great work.
sor balda Jun 12 @ 1:42pm 
god but i have bug
glf32 Jun 7 @ 10:45pm 
crew love homies
Nikiv May 28 @ 8:15am 
Zombies take no damage fro landmines or some weapons, this is a major stepback, i wanna cry!
Hellyeah! May 28 @ 5:57am 
What is the use of the rotting flesh?
[FR]Razorblade May 28 @ 12:30am 
when I load my game, I stay one min in game and he crashed, please fix it.
Tyler May 27 @ 10:27pm 
huge crafting bug. if you have enough of one type of item but not another.. and you are adding multiple of the item your are creating by clicking the name of item you are creating in the list, it will still take your items and not add them to the crafting window. they just completly dissapear.

i also have had issues with taking stacks out of the completed box and all of the stuff thats still being created dissapearing. same thing with camp fire.. i had 200 corn meal in there and took out some water... all of the cornmeal and water comepletly vanished.
Ian May 27 @ 1:40pm 
If you right click on the fuel in the forge fire really fast, it destroys a bunch of it (erases the half that is still on it).
carthage May 27 @ 1:03pm 
dunno why, but reinforced concrete isnt explosive immune. i buildt a floor of it, placed tnt to test, ruined the whole fukcin thing:) pls fix til next uppdate!
Ian May 27 @ 12:40pm 
It would be great if you could toggle between viewing the crafting in +mode or viewing it alphabetically as you are playing.