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First, the updates & translations!!
  • Mac: fixed crashing that would happen in various versions of OS X on various machines. It was due to several versions of Mono crashing in different ways on different versions. We found an old version that works consistently.
  • Old "Steam Notifications" have been deleted and any games that end will now get their notification deleted once both players have seen the end of the game.
  • GamePad support for BlueLineCloudSignupDialog is no longer broken... can fill it out correctly, or skip it and play without an account just like with keyboard/mouse.
  • Made resizing the window conform to the ratio instead of using leterboxing.
  • The Online Game Menu Screen doesn't flicker when the list reloads now.
  • Made Alert dialogs center in the screen correctly (they were slightly off-center before).
  • Made it so the buttons on the main menu are not partially covered by the tiles on the left.
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks dani_as0!)
  • Added Polish translation (thanks Ti_Ichigo from our channel![])
  • Made it so that asynchronously created games also have the opponent's name added to the serverName when the 2nd player joins.

If you like the digital board games that BlueLine makes, you should consider getting more of them since they're all on sale right now! (for Othello, only the two-pack is on sale... for reasons).
Our game Tatsu is the newest game by John Yianni, the same designer as Hive!

Check all of our games out here to make sure you have at least 3 and you can get Simply Chess Premium for free (see below):

Want "Simply Chess: Premium" for free?
Do you own some of our other games already? If you buy 3 or more of our games and you don't have "Simply Chess: Premium" yet, when you play Simply Chess, you will be presented with a Steam Code for Simply Chess Premium as a way for us to say Thank You for being our loyal customer!

NOTE: The Steam Key appears when the game would otherwise show you a Cross Promotion, so it's not immedaite. Basically: finish 4 matches, then from the Main Menu, go to start another game and it should show up.

So check out which games you already own, and maybe grab a couple more at STEEP discounts and maybe even get Premium for free!
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