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While we were making Khet 2.0 (also on Steam), we built a Group Chat into the Online Game Screen so that players can see who else is currently online, hanging around.

Since we wrote one engine that powers both Hive and Khet, it was easy to pull that back into Hive!

We also made a bunch of other fixes, so here's an overview of the fixes to Hive that we made over the last several weeks and released tonight (and remembered to write down ;)):
  • Redesign Online Game Menu with a new Group Chat and member-list
  • Made the progress bar update in real-time (it was too jumpy before)
  • Fix the initial Loading progress bar (it went to 50% then back to 25%).
  • Made the loading time slightly faster
  • If you press "Home" key to set the camera back to the default position, it won't spin around in a bunch of circles to get there (even if you've spun the camera to get to where you were).
  • Disabling sound in windows was causing the game not to boot for some users.
  • Made the "Play Hive Like a Champion" links in the credits actually open a link (instead of just being text).
  • Turned all links in Credits into clickable links.

This is a free update and was released tonight on PC, Mac, and Linux. If you don't have it right away, restart Steam and that will force it to check for updates.

Thanks for being Hive players! If you haven't checked out our other game Khet 2.0, you should have a coupon in your inventory for it. Please keep giving us more feedback & stay tuned as all of our games continue to improve!
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