Alpha Version 0.62a (fixes)

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Komentarzy: 10
Bubsy Russell 6 stycznia 2014 o 15:05 
I often lag out when attempting to go into physical form as the lurker
Eugine 6 stycznia 2014 o 3:20 
we need more game modes, map diversity as they get to repetative(e,g: airport, or hospital), more monsters maybe someone with a deployable bear trap. BUT FIRST FIX BUGS FOR THE POOR PEOPLE. Great game idea though keep the updates coming.
earpolution 1 stycznia 2014 o 21:28 
I have windows 8 and it wont load up at all so please fix, really looking forward to playing
NUTBURGER13 1 stycznia 2014 o 20:43 
how come the game won't even load for me.
DogeCoin.com 29 grudnia 2013 o 22:21 
Lag out everytime as lurker when I try to morph
Black Namtar 28 grudnia 2013 o 13:10 
CTD on startup. Can't reach main menu.
brainpower49 27 grudnia 2013 o 20:42 
I am getting heavy fps lag and in menu lag
Necoya Fuku 19 grudnia 2013 o 18:50 
Yes music!
Bossmon420 13 grudnia 2013 o 14:34 
love the updates pls keep em comming!!!
Hatty :] 13 grudnia 2013 o 9:25 
good job