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A Porkchop May 9 @ 12:12am 
I seem to be having the same issue as rose. I ran the test before just fine, but after getting a new gpu installed and reinstalling the test it runs through to what I recall being the end then just crashes/disappears from task manager with no results shown. Verified the program and came up with no issues but I just cannot get results to post. (worked before to test R9 280 card, current card with no results is R9 380X)
Rose May 8 @ 7:10am 
Iv run this test 4 times. It runs through (what I assume is) all of the video or whatever, then closes and the "Game" goes from playing back to ready to play. I see no results. I dont move the window while it's doing its thing, or anything. What am I doing wrong.
WeBay Apr 23 @ 4:24pm 
Not working for me. On start from right click tray menu it renders a distorted stereo render from a 'fly on the wall' perspective on a floor-to-ceiling screen inside a cone shaped room.
The preview window on the desktop is the distorted stereo render.
The mouse gets locked inside the desktop mirror application window.


@PanKurczak 90 frames is a milestone for presence.
Studious Gluteus Apr 10 @ 12:19pm 
It refuses to run with either of my GeForce 9800 GTX installed. It will happily tell me that my machine is inadequate with just my GeForce GTX 650 installed, but won't even look at my other ones.

It can't or won't tell me whether or not my rig is up to par. I think this tool needs some work.
PanKurczak Mar 29 @ 12:58pm 
this is bullshite, i could run it at 84 frames but because it wasn't 90 I'm apparently not ready
srebollo Mar 29 @ 9:45am 
I have 2 GPUs. One is the integrated Intel GPU one. An the second one is a NVIDIA GEForce GT 635M. The performance test is done with the Intel one. Why? Why does it not use the NVidia one? I have put as default for Steam Valve the NVidia but the test is done all the time with the Intel one. How can I change this?
TsK|Maegirom Mar 15 @ 9:51am 
Sorry for double posting, but lol, I just have seen [] this creenshot in Steam VR test page[/url]. One single GXT680 is rated as capable (yellow line). Not so my rig with 2 of them oO'
TsK|Maegirom Mar 15 @ 9:40am 
Greets, sorry for my bad english.
I have just run the Steam VR performance test. I have 2 GTX680 in SLI, paired in gross power with a single GTX 970, and while running the test, NEVER the fps dropped below 90 (tested with fraps). The gpu meter (in MSI afterburner) shows the 2 gpus at 100%, so the SLI is running well.
So, remember, never went below 90 fps, BUT the test says my pc is not compatible. Even more, I'm in the red bottom line.
SO, are requirements focused to manage a minimum 3d power, or focused to forcing us to buy a GTX970 / 980???

It is supposed that the purpose of the test is to test if your gear is cappable of maintaining a 90fps constant rate, right? Not just if you have one or another gpu model. So, if my rig CAN maintain this rate, why is it in the red bottom line?
Someone told me that multigpu is still not supported, but, if multi gpu is still not recommended, why the test makes a fantastic use of the SLI then? (both gpus working flat out)

Panther The Pink Mar 10 @ 8:01pm 
Wont open for me.
Amik Mar 3 @ 10:28am 
SLI users: Open Nvidia controlpanel and turn "Force alternate rendering 2" on. This won't give you a higher score, but if you use Fraps or something like that you will probably see a massive performance increase without any apparent effects on the frametime.