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Welcome to the Official Paranautical Activity Group! Announcements for Patches and Information will be Placed Here! Make Sure to Follow @SpooderW and @Vallisca3x3x3 for all of the Up - To - date information on how the game is coming along! If you need any Help make sure to Contact The Group Admins!

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The changelog is as follows:

fixed floor staying dark when falling through a hole in a dark floor

fixed boss health bar staying on screen when falling through a floor during a boss fight

fixed mermaid killing herself

fixed snail randomly damaging player until they die

fixed not returning to menu after credits end

fixed the golden scissors powerup removing the scissors item

fixed problem that was causing occasional stuttering

fixed crosshair showing up in credits

fixed occasionally being able to see up into the level after falling through a hole

fixed shop corners not touching

fixed being able to escape the elevator after sending it to the nextfloor

fixed powerups intersecting objects

added more fanart to the credits

added proper credit for sound effects

added davy jones locker item to item pool

added unique sounds for each powerup

tweaked rocket sound to make it quieter

tweaked (SECRET SPOILER) explosive barrels to make them sometimes drop bombs and the blast shield item

tweaked special room (armory&trap room) frequency. made them more rare
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