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Welcome to the Official Paranautical Activity Group! Announcements for Patches and Information will be Placed Here! Make Sure to Follow @SpooderW and @Vallisca3x3x3 for all of the Up - To - date information on how the game is coming along! If you need any Help make sure to Contact The Group Admins!

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The final content patch is upon us! Huge amount of content added. I say this every time, but it really does feel like a whole new game! A ghost that shows up if you take too long on a floor, gambling machines, and of course more weapons, items, characters, bosses, and more!

And as always full list of changes is as follows:

added 3 new bosses
added bouncer character
added 15 new items
added 3 new weapons
added superbosses
added casino special room
added a ghost that shows up and wrecks your shit if you stay on a level too long
added secret 8th floor
added new final boss fight for the 8th floor
added impact sounds for bullets
added ambient sounds for bullets
added fuse sound to bombs
added indicators in the elevators for what floor you’re on to replace the dumb HUD indicator
added random character button to character select
added vsync option to graphics menu
fixed text popup being colored wrong for powerups
fixed some superweapons not being centered on item pedastals
fixed new powerups not being able to spawn from power of the gods item
fixed explosive barrel fire going through platforms
fixed map going outside HUD bounds
fixed weapons not hitting enemies at point blank range
fixed being able to get into rooms without activating them when you have the mushroom powerup
fixed the rocket launcher not reloading properly when switching to superweapon
fixed being able to overcharge the sickle and crossbow
fixed bomb bros leaving behind fantom bombs
fixed item descriptions not being sized right after taking mushroom.
fixed random exploding sound triggering when entering some floors
fixed spawn room retaining early game textures in the late game
fixed tenchi and namenlos shooting through objects
fixed dynomite having the wrong health stat in character select
fixed not being able to pause when you have 0 health with the shell
fixed harp item’s strings not matching up to the harp itself.
fixed some spinning items not stopping when the game is paused
fixed menus being cut off at non-16:9 resolutions
fixed stuttering when looking at items for the first time
fixed options menus not returning to the root menu when unpausing then pausing again
fixed launcher image not being sized correctly
fixed scissors item being too low on pedastal and intersecting it
fixed coin sound getting ridiculously loud when grabbing lots of coins
tweaked plasma balls to make them spawn blood particles when hitting enemies
tweaked drop rates
tweaked character select to start on different character every time the game is run.
tweaked map to center it on player
tweaked final boss fight to make it harder
tweaked boss health bar to make transitions smoother
tweaked special room frequency
tweaked special floor frequency
tweaked left hand to cause it to stop superweapon ammo from dropping
tweaked gileads gun (buff)
tweaked mermaid boss (buff)
tweaked banshee boss (buff)
tweaked can o beans to do poison damage (buff)
tweaked hanz pistol (nerf)
tweaked bullet physics
tweaked HUD to show collected items
also a bunch of stuff I probably forgot.
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