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Welcome to the Official Paranautical Activity Group! Announcements for Patches and Information will be Placed Here! Make Sure to Follow @SpooderW and @Vallisca3x3x3 for all of the Up - To - date information on how the game is coming along! If you need any Help make sure to Contact The Group Admins!

Official Code Avarice Website

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added elevator ding

added classic mode (no ghost. cant get to 8th floor)

added hardcore mode (ghost. can get to 8th floor)

added infinite mode (ghost. repeat ghost secret to loop back to first floor)

added randomized mystery man character

added 40 new room variations

added new texture set for the 8th floor

added more fanart and sound credit to credits

added oculus support

added basic gamepad/controller support

added adaru to final boss waves

added notification in controls menu that controls have to be rebound in the game’s launcher

fixed items intersecting pedastal in poseidon boss room

fixed omni death particle not scaling with him

fixed Adaru humping

fixed ghost showing up during the credits

fixed dhalia’s mom superboss being completely broken on some machines

fixed oar acting as a jetpack

fixed being able to escape elevators after activating them

fixed N on compass sticking through the back

fixed battle snail not damaging you if you sit inside him
fixed starfish not properly reviving you with kamikaze

fixed evil eye causing lots of tridents to spawn

fixed trident vanishing when swapping to superweapon

fixed shops and some other rooms having cracks in the corners

fixed flipper making the world end with laser shotgun

tweaked doorframes to make them glow

tweaked beard+sickle combo (nerf)

tweaked screen shake

tweaked audio balance

tweaked some boss rooms

tweaked hanz pistol

tweaked ghost (buff)

tweaked credits so they return you to the main menu instead of the character select screen
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