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Welcome to the Official Paranautical Activity Group! Announcements for Patches and Information will be Placed Here! Make Sure to Follow @SpooderW and @Vallisca3x3x3 for all of the Up - To - date information on how the game is coming along! If you need any Help make sure to Contact The Group Admins!

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Anyway, enough of that jibber jabber... Paranautical's Backtivity.

Deluxe Atonement has been achievedeth....

To all the existing PA players, check in your Steam PA folder for some added goodies, I highly recommend the pro guide. Personally, it helped me go from a shit player to pretty average one in a matter of weeks.

Heres how to get there... right click properties > local files > browse local files...

Any problems send a mail to and I will send you the files, most likely by carrier pigeon or morse code. But whatever quirky mid 20th century method I choose to send your digital assets in, rest assured you will receive them within 24 hours of mailing me!

Extra in game content comes in the form of a new level type, a new item & a new goddam weapon god dammit. I sincerely hope you enjoy the game being back on sale as much as I've enjoyed traversing the Paranautical tightrope!

Nick Alfieri
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