Dev Log #28: Energy Shields

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Br☮ther Bill 2014년 2월 9일 오후 6시 05분 
and i would shit my pants if there was co op
Br☮ther Bill 2014년 2월 9일 오후 6시 05분 
add psi auto slow regen, better tactics such as hiding behind certain objects and firing from differnt postitions (standing, crouched, prone) as well as aiming for selective body parts
seraphimblade 2014년 2월 5일 오후 4시 33분 
^_^ sweetness! Take your time, it's gonna be awesome!
Styg  [개발자] 2014년 2월 5일 오전 11시 36분 
@seraphimblade I would like to have it released by the end of the month. Emphasis on "would like". ;)
seraphimblade 2014년 2월 4일 오후 6시 19분 
Cool! Nice work Styg!
Energy shields sound wicked. Gotta get my hands on one ASAP. Do you have an expected release date for the next major patch's implementation? Not to the exact day, I can understand you're hard at work, but a general idea?
Styg  [개발자] 2014년 2월 3일 오전 6시 48분 
@arsenip It will be available in the next version. Like with the previous update, I will state it explicitly when a new major patch is released. ;)
arsenip 2014년 2월 3일 오전 6시 12분 
Nice job :D Is this implented already or will it be up for testing in the next version soon? Can't really make it out from this post.
arclightshock37 2014년 2월 3일 오전 12시 39분 
Yeah, I imagine it would be. Keep up the good work regardless, looking forward to more.
Styg  [개발자] 2014년 2월 3일 오전 12시 16분 
@arclightshock37 I'll give this some thought after release. The amount of work it would take to bring the editor to a state where I would feel comfortable releasing it to the public is quite substantial, though.
arclightshock37 2014년 2월 2일 오후 5시 35분 
Awww man, been looking forward to Core City. Oh well, this looks pretty neat and I'm very glad to see traders will be a bit more lenient with what they'll buy while still remaining themed. More than anything though I'm looking forward to the game world getting bigger. I've been wondering though Styg, do you intend to release a tool once the game is complete that will allow players to build their own areas by chance? I could totally see a steam workshop for this game filled with small maps, mini games, challenges, and puzzles built by other players. (I probably should ask this on the forum instead now that I think about it.)