The Mobile Lodger

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Crypt Warden 25 юни 2014 в 12:40 сутринта 
Artist0423 10 май 2014 в 12:49 следобед 
I too am wondering if it will be released for Android, and Windows phones as well.
That aside, wonderful job on the game, it actually makes me jump and yell, which I haven't done in a long time. The atmosphere is great.
Bustimup Maximus 27 април 2014 в 11:29 сутринта 
i love the game, iv'e seen some videos of it, played it, GREAT GAME GUYS
Qamok 10 април 2014 в 2:13 следобед 
I coud give 5 stars but there is not android.
Dick Dodgin' 17 март 2014 в 2:39 сутринта 
Could consider porting it to android? Instant buy for me if so.
destroyallcats 12 март 2014 в 7:48 следобед 
love the game but why on iOS and not android
just wondering