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Maintaining the momentum, the art train powers into Zone 5!

  • Control (zone 5 - 2) gets an art pass
  • Convection (zone 5 - 3) gets an art pass and is no longer full of red jelly cubes (sorry, jelly cube fans)
  • Rocket Fidos, Fetcher Fidos and Jumbo Fidos got a texture pass
  • Updated Stage Select preview art
  • When the S+ indicator is enabled, Auto Restart can be toggled on and off via the pause menu (under Options)
  • Forfeiting a Daily Drive now requires a confirmation step

  • Improved the way audio is loaded, should result in lower overall memory usage and slightly better load times in some cases
  • minor Venom animation related improvements
  • fixed issue where some enemies could trigger their shutdown sfx several times
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