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This update includes work on the first three stages of World 5 including a new-from-scratch version of the level Control, new enemies and the first of our additional game modes, Boss Rush!

  • New enemy variant - Bullet Reaper
  • New enemy variant - Melee Bomber
  • New game mode - Boss Rush - currently includes Embryo, Vespula and Justice, it is selectable from the main menu
  • New whitebox level Control (world 5 - 2) (replaces the previous 'Control' whitebox level)
  • Assembly and Relay have had their order switched
  • Rebalanced Centrifuge and Convection - as a result, their leaderboards have been reset
  • Added new geometry to Filament

  • support for Leaderboards in 64bit Linux
  • Vespula and Justice correctly split their score in multiplayer
  • Shiitake's Propeller Mines interact with multiple moving walkways
  • Justice's head is aligned with his hands when he rips it off to throw at you

Known Issues
  • Highest graphic setting no longer uses SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) we have had an issue with it and have needed to disable it while we investigate
  • When starting the game with "-popupwindow" in order to play in full screen windowed mode (in Windows) you will not be able to set the game to fullscreen mode, but the options menu does not reflect this
  • Native Dual Shock 3 support in OSX is busted. It is possible to work around it using a control remapper that makes the DS3 to emulate an xbox pad or similar, and we are working on a proper fix
  • Shadows are missing on certain integrated videocards under Linux
  • Native Steam Controller support still coming soon
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