Shadowgrounds Steam Trading Cards Now Available!

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Kotovski 30 Ιουλ @ 9:28πμ 
I've already made icon
xSkyDevilx 26 Ιουλ @ 11:21πμ 
Great now all we need is achievements
Blackie Chan 25 Ιουλ @ 1:37μμ 
hannah montanah
koga 19 Μαρ @ 10:48μμ 
did the legacy or whatever boot issue or wtfever get fixed?
4L1G8R 19 Μαρ @ 9:55μμ 
Wow, thanks for supporting your older games too! I'd also like to see some Steam achievements, but I know it could take more work to do...
Storm_at_Sea 19 Μαρ @ 6:41πμ 
Agree on Steam achievements!
ZEUS_GB 15 Μαρ @ 4:31πμ 

Now all be need is Steam achievements.
Voodoojedizin 14 Μαρ @ 3:28μμ 
I will be reinstalling, Love all your games!
Dorok 12 Μαρ @ 2:57μμ 
Great game!
GROMiK·•.•·.__¸.•'¯) 12 Μαρ @ 11:39πμ 
Люди, после покупки 3 или 4 карты выпадет?