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Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since we updated FORCED because we’ve been exceedingly busy getting the game out on consoles.
Today, however, we’ve got a real treat for you; the Slightly Better Edition.
This update upgrades the Survival modes with 2 new maps and a crystal system, allowing you to gain new powers through playing Survival.

It also contains a lot of optimization and some bug-fixing, which should help everyone run it a little smoother :)

We’re deploying this version as a patch so it’ll be freely available to everyone, and all our new gladiators will get to join in the fun right away :)

I hope you’ll pick up the game again and give it a spin, and perhaps welcome our newest members of the community who are searching for games :)

  • Gem system for survival modes: You can now earn up to 3 gems in each of the co-op survival modes, based on how long you stay alive. These gems also unlock skills in the campaign.
  • The Laser Pit survival mode added: A new Survival map that will let you try your skills against the deadly rotating laser that you encountered in Trial 11: Run for Cover. This time, however, the enemies won’t give you a break!
  • The Dungeon survival mode added: Another new survival map that uses all the mechanics from the fourth chamber of the campaign. This map will never get repetitive when you die hundreds of times, as the enemy spawning has been randomized!
  • 4 new achievements to earn by playing the survival modes
  • Large optimization improvements. This will also help network play to be less laggy as the host computer no longer struggles to keep up :)
    • Chamber 4 environment darkness optimized
    • Blood machine blood optimized
    • Final boss FX optimized: Giant portals spell, Meteor Shower.
  • Improved the design of the Final boss. Fixed a few exploit issues and balanced a few skills. Also fixed the fact that you could resurrect outside the arena.
  • Inserted a startup logo screen to tell new players they should expect a hard game and should try to play it co-op :)
  • Improved a lot of localization, implementing translations for a lot of the things that were missing.

Remember we always like to hear your opinions, so go give us some feedback on the forums!
Also a big thank you to the community members that helped us test this new patch for issues;
Rankaquion, Paurmon, Jedo, rialda_dreal and all the guys who volunteered but didn’t get to try it :)
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