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Sup Delverers. The weather is getting colder, and I'm drinking eggnog which can only mean one thing: it's Delver Update Time. We have been busy with all kinds of fun additions lately, mainly focusing on upping our ranged attack game. Wands have been given some love to differentiate them all, and archers get a whole new revamped arrow physics system that is super accurate, and a whole toolbox of new bows to find.

There's some other fun stuff in there as well, including a boatload of new weapon and armor enchantments, a durability system, and some hidden stuff. Consider it our holiday gift to you, our favorite fans.


  • New arrow physics system - arrows stick in and can be recovered from walls
  • Arrows shot into mobs have a chance of being dropped on death
  • Arrows have a chance of breaking on hit
  • Bows can be enchanted, damage enchantments follow through with the arrow
  • A whole heap of new bows, differentiated by range. damage, and speed
  • Magic missile wand now lets loose a volley of rapid missile attacks
  • Weapon and armor quality decreases over time when used
  • Fire missile wand now causes a huge explosion on hit - be careful!
  • New paralyze wand to stop foes in their tracks
  • Magic weapons have a chance of being unidentified
  • Added identify scrolls
  • Added 'Enchant Armor' and 'Enchant Weapon' scrolls
  • Items can have both a suffix and prefix enchantments now
  • Loot drops are weighted a tad now based on player stats
  • Magic missiles can be knocked back with a melee attack
  • Graphical updates for the Ice and Storm wands
  • Start area gained a happy little waterfall
  • New particle effects - things kick up dust now
  • Status effect animations for poison / being on fire / being paralyzed
  • Start of a fire system, that can spread fire to other entities
  • Torch animation updates
  • UI improvements for the Save Selection and Shop screens

Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix - level change screens should show the correct floor names always
  • Bug fix - pressure plate traps have returned!
  • Bug fix - mobs no longer climb up onto eachother / the player
  • Bug fix - fixed decal drawing, doubled number of decals that can appear
  • Bug fix - gamepad honors 'invert look' value
  • Tweak - mace knockback values balanced
  • Tweak - crosshair is always shown when holding a ranged weapon now

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