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Welcome to another Delver update! We're back after a hiatus (more on that below) with one of our biggest updates. This time we've added a new dungeon section, the Temple, that expands the game with two new dungeon floors full of undead horrors and nasty traps. If you survive that, you might find even more changes...

Along with that, we've also worked on making Delver even better with improved water effects, a bunch of bug fixes, a new randomized trap system, a totally revamped death screen, and potion grenades. Did we mention potion grenades?

  • New dungeon area, the Temple!
  • Boss area update
  • Mouse wheel can be used to switch between hotbar items
  • Better win / death screens.
  • Potions can now be thrown when held
  • Added water trim effects
  • Fixed more cases where the player can get stuck while teleporting
  • Juiced up magic particle effects
  • Removed last vestiges of the cursor mode
  • New splash particle effect
  • Spikes are now 100% more metal
  • Crusher traps to turn players into paste
  • Collapsing floors
  • Tweak to improve clipping plane issue with high FOVs
  • Probably other stuff we've forgotten


This update is dedicated to Malcolm Laurence Skelton, the first child of our resident artist Joshua Skelton and his wife Melissa. Look at that little guy!

If you haven't caught it already, Joshua has been streaming while he works on Delver lately - follow him on Twitch[] to be notified when he streams.
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