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Good news everyone! Joshua and I have been working hard lately on adding Steam Workshop support to Delver, a feature that we have been looking forward to having for a long time. This is an important feature, as our awesome community can now easily share their additions to Delver and help make the game bigger and better or even help translate the game for their language.

Along with this update, we're opening up our Steam Workshop to everyone. We've already added some example mods ourselves (with source code available, if you want to see how we made them!) alongside some mods from our community members that are all available to play right now. Go check it out!

To play a mod, just subscribe to it via our Workshop page. Steam will then download the mod for you, and the next time you open up Delver it will add it into the game.

Some Mods to try
Guns for Delver by Joshua
Weapon Expansion Pack by Lobo
Grey Wizard Character Pack by Joshua
Boarding Party (sci-fi total conversion) by Cuddigan

Language Packs
Joshua has also been working hard on making sure Delver can be localized for different languages, and a few awesome community members have made translation mods that are available right now as well!

German Translation by BlueStone
Spanish Language Pack by Lobo
Delver en français by louiscarl

Thanks to everyone that helped make a mod or translate the game into a new language! We're super excited to see what the community adds to Delver, because we have been blown away by what we've seen already.

  • Game is now localizable into different languages
  • Mod loading from Steam Workshop
  • Mod uploader added to DelvEdit
  • Game folds more mod resources together properly
  • Added gun support
  • New light halos on high graphics
  • Characters have shadows now!
  • Level lighting process is much faster now
  • Better outdoor level generation support
  • Shopkeepers have more dialogue now
  • And more!

To keep in touch or follow along with development, you should follow us on Twitch or Twitter!

Chad Cuddigan on Twitter
Joshua Skelton on Twitch[]
Joshua Skelton on Twitter
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