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In our efforts to make a polish pass for every single area of the game on our march towards release, we've gone back and made some big overhauls to the sewer floors, possibly the weakest part of the game in the past. Now after our overhaul it's home to some of the most interesting level design and architecture in the game, we hope you enjoy it!

In addition to that we've spent some time polishing up some menus, fixing some bugs, and then adding some extra stuff just for fun...

Change log
  • Revamped sewer area!
  • New sewer procedural room generator!
  • Updated main menu
  • Game now tracks number of wins / deaths
  • Added a fancy death animation for the player
  • Ice wands are a bit more useful now...
  • Ladders!
  • Bugfix - dungeon room generator should no longer attach hallways to windows

As always, thanks for playing and let us know in our discussion area here on Steam your thoughts on the new update, and any issues you run into.
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