Teslagrad 1.1 update.

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Greg Woods 2014년 1월 16일 오후 12시 58분 
Dumb newbie (to Steam) question: how does one update a game on Linux? Teslagrad in particular.
modworkshop | Tatsuto 2014년 1월 15일 오전 4시 59분 
Well done!
zelgaris 2014년 1월 14일 오전 11시 37분 
I have a little suggestion/improvement for you to think about - how about preventing our hero from moving, when we are shooting the tesla rod. Or at least starting shooting again immediatelly when we stop moving.

Currently, while I am shooting the tesla rod (holding the fire button), moving a bit interrupts the beam, and especially on gamepad this is quite annoying (there is one special place where it is REALLY annoying - orb boss...).

Think about it :)
Aybars Sapan 2014년 1월 14일 오전 9시 10분 
Can I take an information about Turkish language? Because we can't wait for it :)