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Hello there, amazing Rain community! It’s been a while since our last update, almost a year. We've been working hard.
Now we will soon be ready to release World to the West, a standalone followup of our (your) beloved Teslagrad that will be released on May 5. An action adventure game where you will get to know a lot more about the lore and the universe behind Teslagrad, and with significant changes: no voiceless storytelling now, but a vibrant story around four peculiar heroes.
Take a look for yourselves:

This time we are launching straight to consoles, rather than doing the slow porting over several years like last time. We will even have a good round of physical releases around most of the world.
But of course we will also be available here on Steam from day one. This was where we started out with Tesalgrad after all.

We have just set up our Steam page. If you want to show us your support, and also make sure that you get our launch discount, put up World to the West on your wishilist!

We are all really looking forwards to hear what you all think of our new title. Yeah, it is pretty different in some respects. Thogh there's tons of great stuff for Teslagrad fans in there. Returning characters, a revisit to the city of Teslagrad, Easter Eggs that might only be decodable if you played both games, and even some hints that might help solve some of the old mysteries in Teslagrad that the community haven't gotten to the bottom of yet.

We love our world and the joint story that we are building in it. We are planning more games that will explore it even further in the future. I hope you all want to join us for the ride.
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