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Dilemmas were the focus last time we looked at Zafehouse Diaries 2. For this update, we'll show you how the sequel handles missions to other locations.

There are two missions in ZD2: breaching and investigating. In ZD1, these were both handled under the hood - you just select your group, give them items, then send them to the location.

In ZD2, you can customise your approach. When you breach, you can choose which entrances your survivors will use to enter the location. Make sure you send them into rooms with as fewer zombies as possible, otherwise they'll lose momentum and flee.

Investigation is now far more important and useful. You'll not only see how many zombies are around a location, but you can see how many zombies are inside, and exactly which rooms they're in. It's not easy though - to get a good look at a location, you'll need to take a few risks.

Risk management
In ZD1, breaching could often result in instant death. While that is still absolutely true in ZD2, you can now determine how much risk you want your survivors to take.

For example, if you aren't sure how many zombies are inside a location, then you can either go back and investigate further, or cautiously try and breach - if it looks too dangerous, then your survivors might flee, rather than stay and fight.

But remember: go too cautiously, and you might waste precious hours. There are no easy answers.

Smart defaults
While many players requested more control over missions and combat, we know that some of you may not want to worry about these extra options. Never fear: you can still play the game the same way you did in ZD1 and let the game figure out the details.

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