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aadjuh Jan 14, 2014 @ 10:09am 
how can i connect my amplitude account and my steam account?
potatochimp Jan 3, 2014 @ 10:23am 
please do something about the login problem!!!
Fedorable Dec 21, 2013 @ 10:57pm 
i am having the same problem as max and it is annoying
Sonny Dec 20, 2013 @ 7:16pm 
Nothing works. No sign-up or log in. :/
General Lü Bu Dec 19, 2013 @ 2:18pm 
Log in on the forums then go back to the main website, everything should work fine.
Alexspeed Dec 19, 2013 @ 1:33pm 
Fix your servers, i tried to login since that game launched and everytime i tried nothing works.
NIKENIT Dec 19, 2013 @ 8:52am 
Same problem here. Site works VERY slow and buggy, cant even access my account.
Max Dec 19, 2013 @ 8:05am 
Every time I try to connect to games2gether I got : "A valid username and password is required to login." I reseted my password 3 times still not working.