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-Fixed last used spell effects happening on death
-Fixed throwing axe discrepancies
-Fixed fatalities going out of sync
-Tweaked cloth physics
-Fixed bug in which player could get stuck in no jump state
-Made tapping sprint key leave sprint state faster
-Attack vs attack new sound
-Shortened pull and tweaked the pull power scale
-Pull damage changed to 17
-Push damage changed to 5
-Fixed double casting pull leaving effects
-Increased player step height
-Widened horizontal swing registration
-Throwing knife damage reduced to 29
-Player always running while not dueling
-Fixed bug in which player could stay sprinting with sword out
-Fixed bug where player could move while using firecircle
-Added voice sounds to push/pull
-Fixed broken female skin
-Added correct animation blending to new spells
-Fixed bug in which player could get stuck in a swing
-Fixed player voice changing on opening loadout
-Fixed animation bugs when player walks into range of other players
-Fixed jump sounds playing twice
-Player will stop regening health when in range of enemy
-Hits now give knockback to players and ragdolls
-Fixed ragdoll pausing
-Lightning cooldown increased to 30 seconds
-Migrated to the latest version of unreal
-Fixed memory leak
-Made a new death camera
-Created a player spawn particle
-Added a lightning cast particle system on hand
-Added a lightning cast sound
-Made a new lightning target
-Made new push charge particles
-Added new training sword
-Made a pull hit sound
-Players can now roll out of fall damage
-Removed bad camera shakes on sword hits
-Invisibility changed to 75% invisibility
-Blood spray hits now land on the ground
-Fixed broken lightning hit particles
-Attempted to stop players from using cooldown hacks
-Fixed invisible walls in sahara, snowblind
-Fixed bad stairs in snowblind
-Improved visuals of phase shift
-Added ambient level sounds
-Fixed cape clipping
-clean up the dust from jumping and stealth
-Changed regen particles
-Remixed sound levels

We are aware that we haven't addressed any of the GUI issues, we are currently remaking the GUI which will fix these when done.

You may have noticed that this patch is mainly bug fixes this is because we decided after PAX east that we needed to address some of the more fundamental issues in KR. Don't worry these larger features are coming soon.

As always please leave feedback remembering that this is still early access
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