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Hello, KHG crowd!

First of all, the game has been updated to include localization support. For the moment this includes Spanish, Russian and Polish, with more languages to follow. Help us out by reporting any translation issues in any of the new forums:
On Steam Forums:
Or via (Pro-tip: write in english for best results, we hardly understand more than Romanian/English/French).

What about other languages?
More are coming but let us know your needs and preferences. Translation mods will now be supported to work directly in the game and we will work with mod makers to help them achieve that.

If you weren't aware, the game is now available also on Android for tablets and large phones:

Now, for the full patch content list:
- 4 new maps
- 4 new weapons.
- Localization support. Added translations into Russian, Spanish and Polish. More coming.
- Video exporting of replays is now much faster.
- Decreased memory requirements for the game, should no longer cause problems on systems with 2GB RAM.
- Increased font size in several places.

- Stinger grenades will no longer explode through walls.
- Several crashes related to older mods.
- Campaigns page not being displayed correctly in some cases.
- Fixed several bugs related to AI.

Have fun :)

Your DevTeam @ KillHouse Games
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