Update 0.0.103

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Pintea May 2 @ 6:41am 
@fulton drop us an email at devteam (at) inthekillhouse.com

And everyone else whose game is not working should do the same, we always find a solution!
fulton May 1 @ 10:09am 
Changed OpenGL requirements broke this for me :-( (intel, Linux)
mravinjo Apr 29 @ 3:36pm 
Game client is out of date.
mravinjo Apr 29 @ 3:36pm 
cannot play dota..need to update steam..where???
Pintea Apr 28 @ 5:54am 
@Rec. Hokki

What do you mean?
DUN Apr 26 @ 6:49am 
"- Can no longer scroll farther than the map's borders "
Great, the new update ruined my game again -.-