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Toribash is a free to play ragdoll fighting game. Design your moves, face your opponents, change your ingame look, gain qi and raise your belt!

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Hello friends. The ES have decided to find out what kind of mods you want us to host more often. We host a variety of mods, some more 'competitive' than others. We want to know which type of mod you prefer in our in-game events. (i.e. tourneys, hotseats, victories).
You can vote here on this poll.[]

I'll split the mods into 3 categories down below and include examples so you can read up about it before you make a decision.

Examples of mods which could be considered 'competitive':
  • ABD
  • Lenshu3ng
  • erthtkv2
  • greykido
  • rkmma

Examples of mods which could be considered 'semi-competitive':
  • TK
  • aikido
  • boxshu_mushu_v3
  • judofrac
  • gtspikes
  • Odlov's weapon mods

Examples of mods which could be considered 'non-competitive':
  • Jousting
  • Judo
  • Acrojoust
  • Pendulumjumper

Please give us your honest opinions. If this proves useful, then perhaps we could do more of these in the future. Let's also please not let this thread become a roaring debating over which mods are competitive and which aren't. This isn't the place for that, and every host will have their own idea, so let's save that for another time. You know what we mean, don't be that guy. Please choose the option that best describes you and feel free to leave other thoughts and comments here along with your vote.

Make your votes known here on this poll. :)[]

Poll has been closed, but feel free to post and discuss on here too.
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