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Hello LoA Fans!

We're still looking for Volunteer testers to help test out the new features and fixes we're hard at work on. If you would like to be a tester please send the following information to

Age: (Only 18 and up)
Previous Testing Experience:
Why you're interested in becoming a tester:
How much time you can devote each week to testing:
Operating System: (Note: We'd very much like Linux and Mac Testers, those with multiple Operating systems to test on will have a higher chance of getting on the team.)

Curious what you get out of being a tester?

1. One free Full Retail version key of Legends of Aethereus to give to a friend. (Note: The key is only awarded to you after 4 weeks of active testing. Active testing is defined by logging hours on steam in active LoA game-play and testing sessions, submitting bug reports to the forums, and attending meetings with the Community Manager Weekly)

2. Direct access to the community manager, that's me.

3. Access to a new forums subsection, with direct access to the dev team for suggestions, questions, feedback and more.

4. A chance to have a direct and positive impact on the future development of LoA.
-Anthony LOA CM
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