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Update 1.4.011

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snipes252 16 hours ago 
I think a map editor would be a fun add.
Angrysquirrel Nov 18 @ 7:55am 
Could you make a way to click on a dwarf and give them an order? (move them to a specfic spot / attack / sleep / eat / work at a bench). Ctrl / click to select a group of dwarves. Kotkey a group of dwarves (so you can group melee, ranged and spell casters. Put melee in front, then ranged and spell casters behind). Game has a lot of potential but the UI makes the game frustrating to play. Those controls would also help the wonky AI and stop your dwarves from needlessly getting killed. Thanks!
Reaper Nov 16 @ 9:29pm 
Can you add selling system and also, bulk buy? I don't want to click 500 times like a cookie clicker when I am trying to buy something from the shop
朝天阙 Nov 16 @ 6:42am 

IvEr Nov 15 @ 11:45am 
Спасибо =)
wah2dil Nov 15 @ 11:42am 
the HELL! I just leave for few hours then suddenly the game updated to 1.4.012 ... and then the Halloween event has gone, no more packages and no more slash the zombie event every night ...

WHY? This is still november ... I played the event only for few hours, and not even a day has passed, the event has gone ...

I am enjoying it, and my enjoyment so far replaying this game again after absent for months is because the events, package, and zombie slaying ... and now I don't have any more motivations to play this game again

I need my witches hats to fashion my mages, and my most vicious warriors need their funny skull helmets. Is there a way to gain the recipes or buying the items? or at least please give me way to activate the event again ...

Shade Nov 15 @ 10:27am 
MISHKA Nov 15 @ 6:24am 
Пркерасная новость, очень приятно когда игра поддерживается спустя почти три года после выхода, так держать
Javor Nov 15 @ 6:02am 
А почему мобы не тонут?=)
WollieG Nov 15 @ 5:23am 
Or when dwarfs do nothing, then it can be priority to fill tables with food.