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geraldkr 8 hours ago 
@ keylocke,

Now your talking to deaf ears, do you really think the devs read here and if they do, do you think they care what you think?
No they do not.
They just do what they want, do not fix bugs since day 1 and only make content now for multiplayer.
Your wasting your breath so to speak and your ideas (which are good by the way).

They do not listen.
keylocke 8 hours ago 
continued :

+there should be the option to change job priorities for each individual dwarf (perfect example again is rimworld). this way, players can tell a dwarf to prioritize one job over other jobs. specialization.

+players should be able to assign task priority levels. ie : players can order dig top priority in one place and then order a dig low priority in another place.

+players should be able to assign specific beds to specific dwarves. (i couldn't find the option to do this.)

+there should be an option to assign a specific dwarf to a specific workshop. this way, dwarven specialists will work at their assigned workshop, which is likely placed nearby their assigned bed.

+sometimes the equipped helmet is bugged and doesn't appear if the item equipped on body is a different tier/category. ie : leather helmet sometimes doesn't appear when wearing iron body armor.
keylocke 8 hours ago 
continued :

+using horn spell is very strategically limited :
a) players can't separate combatants from non-combatants (crafters are forced to fight, even if i want them to keep crafting)
b) players can't separate melee from archers/mages, so they end up in the same place as the melee.
c) even though players can control individual dwarves, the process is entirely tedious.
d) suggested solution : instead of "controlling" dwarves individually, just create a "draft" command (similar to rimworld) where players can order multiple dwarves using RTS commands. this would give players much more strategic flexibility.

+research trees are needlessly convoluted. weapon/armor research should not require other research trees. especially since players will eventually migrate to a different world anyways, so all those decorations should just be optional, NOT a necessity. (most of the decors are redundant anyways)
keylocke 8 hours ago 
i hope they change these in the future :

+players should be able to issue commands even when game is paused. there should also be fast forward button.

+current combat kiting only seems effective when fighting against a strong powerful opponent, but it's totally stupid against hordes since current kiting AI only seems to mind it's current target and mostly ignores the rest of the horde's position. suggested solution : kiting directions should always point away from the horde. if unable to kite away from horde, then just stay in position. (this should modify combat kiting when fighting multiple nearby opponents. current combat kiting is fine against single opponent)
prorgb4 Jun 17 @ 2:56am 
у меня одного, гномы стали использовать только одну вагонетку?
Silentstrike46 Jun 14 @ 1:37pm 
Same problem as Blaknite
Blaknite Jun 10 @ 1:33am 
I am not getting any Guardians in Single player mode and cannot move on to the next worlds
Lieutenant Gamer Jun 10 @ 12:03am 
reduce mutliplayer speed 1.5x to 1x .
Kamelina Jun 9 @ 3:28am 
было бы здорово если бы добавили чего-нибудь новенькое, например новый биом)
Toyono Jun 6 @ 4:36am 
Всегда хорошо, если игра развивается в лучшую сторону! Это ценят игроки всего мира!