Songs2See Game and Songs2See Editor updated to v1.40

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Yury 2014年3月27日 4時57分 
Are you planning port game to linux platform in future update?
toph 2014年3月9日 10時30分 
List of popular songs included?
Songquito 2014年2月28日 11時02分 
Only improvements under the hood. Some users were experiencing problems with import of exotic guitar tabs, so we fixed that.
priv_bryan 2014年2月28日 10時25分 
Okay my game just updated. What did I miss? What's new?
priv_bryan 2014年2月28日 7時11分 
For the editor, is there a simpler way to do things? Like placing notes on the actual staff instead of using a DAW interface?
Marwanimus 2014年2月28日 4時34分 
Simulate an OUD!! That would be phenomenal!

This game has alot of promise, I think the blue green note system could probably be improved to be more discernible somehow. If specific notes were color coded, with a key for color to note assosciations. Just an idea, but some way, some how, the discernibility of notes thats the biggest thing I've noticed as seeming clumsy.
priv_bryan 2014年2月27日 18時18分 
Probably DADGAB, DGCFAD, among others.
I also bought the editor with this, and was wondering about an error I recieved. After importing a song to be playable with the actual game, it mentions something about one of the variables in the MIDI being less than one?
Songquito 2014年2月27日 11時42分 
Hi bryan, thanks for the praise. Which tunings you're interested in?
priv_bryan 2014年2月26日 19時37分 
Also please please please add more tunings for the guitar. This is officially my favorite piece of software/ rhythm game thingy, and it'd be awesome to have a bit more flexibility.
priv_bryan 2014年2月26日 19時24分 
Whoop whoop. Loving this game. Been waiting for something like this.
Does this game work well with just a headset mic? Either/or, cuz I have a studio mic as well, but I don't feel like setting it up as much for convenience sake.