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Redshirt has been updated to v1.04! This update is available immediately for Windows players, and Mac and Linux players will also receive the same update later today.

Here's what the update addresses:

  • FEATURE: Added an 'endless' game mode!
  • BUGFIX: Fixed game breaking after some away missions for some players (due to new NPCs profile pictures not saving properly.) This has been addressed, and previously-inaccessible games should now be working again too.
  • BUGFIX: Window displaying option to take a character off the station with you now shows their name and relationship to you.
  • BUGFIX: Game is now properly saving after leaving station early.
  • BUGFIX: Screen resolution settings are now being properly saved.
  • BUGFIX: Ensure player has heard of the illicitly-trading Geldar before being introduced to his brother.
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