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Hi everyone!

As we get closer to the game's final launch we are tidying up a bunch of loose ends, hence this huge laundry list of improvements and fixes! Enjoy!

- Added Blood Shovel item and Lucky Charm item
- The Daily Challenge now requires you to play Cadence, then Melody, then Aria, to win.
- Updated Coral Riff behavior to make him a little more difficult to quick kill
- Made Boots of Lunging do 999 damage on a lunge, and made the lunge not result in taking the killed enemy’s place
- Changed Crown of Teleportation to teleport player into the shop if possible
- Added 'ignore multipress combos’ option (this will help if you often accidentally drop bombs as Bard)
- Added pop-up File Selection dialog to make selecting Custom Music songs easier, on Windows
- Made healing via spell, food, or holy water give invincibility for that beat. (Food now has a use, for Aria!)
- Added code to reduce swarming in zone 3. Also, purple shovemonsters only have 2 health, and new gray ones have 3
- Renamed “Hardcore Mode” to “All Zones Mode” and moved the staircase in the lobby
- Made gold piles different at 50 gold so that you can tell visually when you have enough to summon a leprechaun
- added option to disable pre-boss audio effect
- added option to disable pause on loss of focus
- added option to wipe progress
- added option to disable the "spend diamonds!" reminders
- added option to swap P1/P2
- added option to set a default character
- added option to always show enemy hearts
- added option to always show item names
- added fullscreen toggle (works in Windows only)
- added option to specify resolution (works in Windows only)
- added option for setting a mod by default
- fixed bug where shrine effects persisted in the character select room in all chars mode
- added Coral Riff to level editor
- added rotating bounce traps to editor
- added new shops to editor
- disallowed placing stairs at (0, 0) in level editor
- fixed weird crate/barrel duplication bug in level editor
- fixed inconsistency with deleting/moving at tile (0, 0) in level editor
- allow custom music with level editor levels
- increased green bat probability
- made boots of leaping ignore water
- fixed bug where phasing/piercing damage wasn't hitting armored beetles
- made piercing not affect moles
- fixed bug where piercing weapons were acting like phasing when thrown/fired
- made holy water not hit NPCs
- made boots of pain and golden lute not work from within walls (with ring of phasing)
- fixed issues with not being able to hit enemies that just spawned from crate
- allow weaponless characters (and Melody) to shove barrels/crates
- changed error handling in Windows to log exceptions to log file
- removed 'quit to lobby' option when in lobby
- made deathless mode just start hardcore immediately
- prompt when quick restarting deathless mode with at least 1 win
- changed speedrun timer to counter in deathless mode
- made shovemonsters not kill groove chain when squishing player
- made spell cooldowns work with Dove
- fixed bug where Dove died in the lobby from weaponmaster tiles
- removed arena for Dove, food shop for Aria, Pawn Shop for Monk, and others
- shrine/transmog items are now removed from the item pool
- fix 'song ended' text
- disallow shrines that are useless for certain characters
- changed shrine bomb items to not give items that would be useless for that character
- made duplicate shrines not show up
- no shrine of peace in shriner shop
- made using shriner ensure that no other zone 1 shrine will spawn
- no guaranteed shriner in 1-1 for daily challenge
- added hint text for shrines
- shrine of darkness gives 1 bomb instead of 3
- made shrine of risk only affect 1 player
- made shriner accept coupons, monk
- shrine of war now upgrades mushrooms, bosses
- shrines no longer make pickups in front of them disappear
- fixed issue with ring of courage not protecting from death metal fireball
- made ring of courage give invincibility even if dash can't be performed
- made ring of courage dash ignore water/tar
- made player ignore water/tar when giant
- fixed issue where war drum, boots of leaping, and blood magic could mess up ice slides
- fixed issue where holstered gold weapons weren't creating coins in boss battles
- don't let shove monsters shove when shield is active
- made sounds not start playing if it is already playing (can turn off with delayBetweenRepeat=0 in xml)
- made VO sounds cut each other
- added visual indicator to audio calibration
- fixed issue where weapons would sometimes hit crates/barrels instead of an enemy
- made Monk/Dove able to steal shop items
- made ring of shadows let you steal arena items
- made enemies de-aggro when confusion ends (very helpful for Dove!)
- Took War Drum out of Melody’s item pool
- Fixed crash bug caused by trying to play an old replay file
- added autodetection for XBOX/XBONE/PS3/PS4 controllers on Windows and made HUD text match controller detected
- added ability to use R stick on controllers
- fixed bug where you couldn't assign any keys to RIGHT
- fixed crash caused by trying to watch old version replays in leaderboards menu
- removed custom music leaderboard for bard
- fixed holster/backpack duplication bug
- took away knockback from ring of peace
- fixed level editor bug where generating/playing boss levels with Dove would cause weird behaviour
- Fixed the bug that was causing diagonal-moving enemies to behave more intelligently than desired
- Made the game play VO sfx for Shield, Need, and Enchant spells
- Fixed bug where Coral Riff’s head and tentacles could teleport while frozen
- Removed Blast Helm’s additional armor and made it give you +3 bombs when you pick it up for the first time
- Made coin multiplier text not be red at 3x if the Shrine of Rhythm is active
- Fixed various text/hint issues
- Altered the costs of some rings
- Increased probability of finding a torch
- Make transmute spell rarer, costlier, and increased number of kills required for refresh and the health required for blood magic
- Made Crossbow, Rifle, and Blunderbuss more rare
- added option to enable/disable custom music
- fixed exploit where you could play most of a run with custom music, then switch at the end to submit to normal leaderboard
- Altered the timings of all animations to make them “snap” more on the beat
- Made Blood Drum permit player to dig any wall on the next beat after use
- fixed sideways door bug
- fixed issue with filenames containing ';' causing issues for custom music
- fixed issue where mushroom lights could spawn in shops behind metal doors
- fixed issue where fake walls could spawn in miniboss room after trapdoor

EDIT! Updated to v0.402 with the following changes:
- fixed bug where secret rooms could fail to be created and crates, etc. could show up in walls
- fixed bug where L-shaped rooms could cause enemies/traps/shrines to spawn incorrectly in secret rooms
- fixed bug that caused you to respawn as Cadence after daily challenge
- made it so the game respects command line params over profile for fullscreen/resolution
- fixed bug where window would resize when using custom music filebrowser
- fixed boss generation in level editor (Coral riff was producing Deep blues when played)
- added grey shove monster to beastmaster, level editor
- fixed monkeys/tar monsters on always show hearts mode
- Hm! Looks like we've hit the max length of an announcement post! See this thread for the full list:

Edit! Updated to 0.403. Since we've hit the max length of an announcement post, see this thread for the full list of changes:

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