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Version 0.400 is our biggest update ever! Check out this massive list of new features:

- Added new boss battle: Coral Riff!
- Added two new characters: Melody and Dorian!
- Added three new NPCs: Shriner, Pawnbroker, and Conjurer
- Added three character options: Random, Deathless, and All Characters
- Made holster use LEFT+RIGHT slot, so you can now store weapons in holster for future throwing
- Added new voiceovers for Aria, Melody, and Dorian
- Added an option to enable VSYNC
- Game now automatically pauses when minimized
- Reduced Dagger of Phasing damage to 2
- Made Dagger of Frost do piercing damage
- fixed issue where killing shopkeeper would affect run RNG
- fixed issue where some characters would die when entering DDR mode
- fixed crash when player 2 steps on single player mode stairs in lobby
- fixed crash from using invisible 'prev page' option in level editor
- fixed issue where you could stall by pressing both a direction and the alternate binding for that direction
- Made the game default to Bard for debug builds, since he’s much easier/faster to test with
- made distinction between phasing and piercing weapons
- fixed issue with leprechauns moving while doing their disappear animation
- fixed crash bug in input class related to custom key bindings (could be the cause of some of the crashes on startup?)
- made giant armadillos able to destroy all destructible wall types
- made it so enemies killed by traps don't count towards spell cooldowns
- made barrels/crates not count for ring of courage, blood weapons, spell cooldowns, etc
- fixed bug where bomb traps were disappearing from level editor levels
- took holy water & boots of lunging out or Dove's item pool
- fixed bug where Aria wouldn't die from missed beat in training mode
- fixed bug where arena items could disappear if a shrine was used on the same level
- fixed bug where teh urn would not collide in certain situations after having been dropped down a trapdoor
- fixed bug where fear would persist across levels
- fixed bugs where minotaur would sometimes charge incorrectly
- added downloaded_mods folder to try to prevent re-publication of mods
- hide confusion particles if you die when confused
- fixed bug that sometimes allowed 2 chests (one normal, one mimic) in one level in hardcore
- made diamond dealer's items not refresh until one is bought
- added glass jaw to shrine of glass and scroll of need effects
- made Eli unable to kick bombs that are inside of walls (with ring of phasing)
- made it so thrown weapons and rifle shots can aggro shopkeepers
- made purple scroll drops deterministic
- made armadillos not charge until the beat after they've been visible
- made all mimics damageable by bombs even when stealthed
- added Hephaestus art
- fixed bug where urns can get stuck in walls in boss level
- fixed bug where janitor wouldn't remove an item from the pending spawn item pool
- fixed bug where frost and knockback weapons were also affecting holy water, boots of pain, etc.
- fixed a few erroneous item pool items
- fixed bug where things like golden lute could be generated by scroll of need, transmuting, etc.
- fixed bug where large enemies could open a metal door and then move again on the next beat
- made enemies that move through walls still seek if player is in walls
- fixed bugs with wraiths + earthquake/freeze spells
- fixed issue where wraiths could spawn too close to player after shrine of war
- made wraiths unable to spawn in secret shops
- fixed bugs with Dove getting hit while submitting scores, and not unlocking zones properly
- fixed bug where rook could castle without the king
- Tweaked some character select stair text
- fixed banshee audio bug
- fixed bug that could cause score message to persist and enemies to not move
- Fixed the monkey code so that Render+Update are always called at the same time on Mac+Lin
- Added new travel rune images for the added NPCs
- Added hammering sound for Hephaestus
- added code to pause the game when the window is minimized (should work with mac/linux too I think)
- moved frame capturing for post-death replay into C++, hopefully will reduce GC time
- Fixed crash bug with Ring of Charisma and non-sale shrines
- Made Dorian not leap in the lobby
- Fixed issue where Dorian and Eli were not animating to the beat properly

EDIT: Updated from v0.398 to v0.399 with these changes:
- fixed issue with freezes/stutters after dying or completing a run
- made shriner lock player in his room after summoning dragons
- fixed bug where shriner dragons were being counted as minibosses for unlocking exit stairs
- fixed bug where shriner dragons could get spawned outside the shop walls
- fixed crash bug when you start a throw, then swap weapons, then move
- made Melody able to gain health
- removed ring of courage from Melody's item pool
- fixed bug where deep blues wasn't castling anymore
- made glass shovel able to dig through 1 shop wall, then break
- fixed bug where flawless victory achievement was unlocking for any character
- fixed bug where teleporting into the boss room could keep music muffled
- fixed bug with trapdoor when landing on stairs on last beat of song
- Fixed bug where some seeds with potions on 1-1 would not have a shriner cracked wall on 1-1
- When dragons appear after bombing shriner, they now drop no gold
- Gave Melody 2 hearts by default and Cadence and Bolt 3
- Reduced chance of finding Golden Crossbow in blood shop
- Fixed bug where freeze spell could make Pawn Shop inescapable
- Made pawn shop not give you a dagger or basic shovel when pawning those slots. It was exploitable via transmogrify to get gold repeatedly
- Made it so Melody’s attacks don’t work while inside a wall with Ring of Phasing
- Fixed bug where freezing during the Coral Riff fight could cause a crash
- Made glass shrine not turn Dorian’s armor into glass
- Made Shrine of Phasing revert Melody + Dorian to their initial builds
- Made Shrine of Peace give Melody 2 heart containers
- Adjusted the locations of post-boss Flawless Victory chests, so they are easier for Dorian to work with
- Made it so that you can only use one Shrine from the Shriner, and you can bomb the shrine you’ve “purchased” afterward, if you wish
- Added Coral Riff to bossmaster
- fixed bug that was causing locked chests to generate gold in non-hardcore mode
- fixed bug where some custom music songs weren't generating a trapdoor when the song ends
- made freezing cancel knockback effects
- made spells visible while cooling down (took away pie)

EDIT: Updated to v0.400 with these changes:
- You can now choose the order of the characters when doing an All Characters run
- Prevent possible cause of slowdown on leaderboard GUI for large replay files
- Fixed teleportation bugs where enemies were sometimes not teleporting
- Made shrine of phasing not take away dagger of phasing, if you already have it
- Fixed bug where activating a shrine elsewhere on the level would cause the shriner not to attack
- Fixed issues with shovels not appearing for Melody
- Made glass shovel not break when digging shop walls if the player is gigantic
- Made glass shovel not break when walking past shop walls while wearing the Miner’s Cap
- Fixed “GODLEN LUTE” typo
- Removed Ring of Gold from Dorian’s item pool
- Removed Ballet Shoes from Bolt’s item pool

We look forward to hearing what you think!
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