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We just posted a big update to Crypt of the NecroDancer! Here are the highlights:

  • Added: Dagger of Phasing, Dagger of Frost, Shield Spell, and Scrolls of Need, Shield, and Enchant Weapon
  • Made it so you can attack and aggro the shopkeeper with bombs or a fireball spell, and changed how dragon fire affects shopkeeper
  • Updated Monk scoring (you get credit for all coins left on the ground) and made bombs destroy coins and items in the blast
  • Made it so that if you have a bomb or good shovel you can destroy King Conga’s throne and speed up that boss battle
  • Added 'empty heart container' and 'double empty heart container' items, and added chance of them appearing in secret Health Shop
  • Fixed Shrine of Risk bug where you could move quickly on the next level to avoid damage
  • Made boots of leaping togglable and made them less rare
  • Increased the duration of effect for tempo traps
  • Changed bounce traps so that they take effect immediately (should fix replay/bard inconsistencies and a bunch of other issues)

And there were plenty more changes beyond these! For a complete list, see this thread on our forums:

Hope you enjoy the new features!
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