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Here are the changes:

- Made it so confuse traps invert enemy movements, not randomize them. (Same as happens to the player.)
- Fix for bug where joysticks+controllers would sometimes fail to work in the game and on menus
- Fixed bug where dance pad mode was generating the same level layout every time
- Fixed bug where you could pause the game when falling down trap doors to save time on the speedrun timer
- Fixed bug where Scroll of Need wasn’t giving armor if you had no armor
- Fixed bug where Scroll of Need could take your shovel or weapon and leave you with none
- Made Scroll of Need drop your previous item when getting a new one
- Added new graphics for Bolt!
- Made pause screen black to prevent the ability to look at enemies or map while game is paused, to aid in speedruns
- Fixed bug where banshee’s deafen effect would persist if song ended and player fell through trap door
- Other minor Scroll of Need tweaks
- Fixed bug where flyaways would persist after death or restart
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