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Here are all the new features + fixes!:

- Added Glass Torch, Obsidian Torch, Infernal Torch, and Torch of Foresight
- Added Ring of Shielding
- Made it so you can bomb shrines and get items out of them
- Made it so enemies near a Nightmare miniboss are silhouetted
- Made monsters not seek the player when player is inside a wall with Ring of Phasing
- Removed some potential sources of game stutter, due to messages being logged to disk for Steam Stats
- Made shop items free when shopkeeper is outside his shop
- Fixed bug where game was remembering zoom level changes but wasn’t always applying them on restart
- Fixed crash bug in level editor when saving large dungeons
- Added quick delete and ability to move objects in level editor
- fixed issue where Aria + potion + trapdoor would cause a freeze
- fixed issue where level editor was generating the same level over and over again
- put background behind level editor GUI
- fixed tar monster spawning bugs
- fixed issue where arena minibosses would unlock exit stairs
- added flyaways to locked lobby stairs
- made tar monsters able to fall down trapdoors
- fixed millisecond formatting issue on speedrun leaderboards
- Fixed bug where Orange Scroll would sometimes take away your weapon
- Fixed bug where picking up items in the lobby as Monk would cause the other items in the lobby to disappear
- Fixed bug where game would sometimes not let you buy a torch after losing one previously to Shrine of Darkness
- Fixed bug where losing armor via transmog would not reset the player’s torso sprite to remove the armor

We hope you enjoy them :)
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