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Here are all the new features + fixes in v0.383!:

- Steam Workshop support for mods! Change graphical skins, sounds, music, and XML data! See for details!
- Steam Workshop support for custom dungeons! Again, visit for info!
- Added Transmute Spell and Scroll!
- You can now bomb traps to destroy them! And we added some secret rooms where items are surrounded by traps.
- Bombing activated shrines now give out different items than non-activated shrines
- Made transmogrifier NPS give out better items and made it so transmogrification can’t fail
- Doubled the duration of the Heart Transplant effect
- Added the ability to assign a given character for dungeons created in the level editor
- Level editor can now start the player with no items, and can place other starting gear on the player so they begin with it
- You can now edit the level editor-created XML files to modify each enemy’s starting beat delay
- fixed bug where shrine effects weren't resetting in level editor
- fixed item RNG weirdness in level editor
- fixed bug where trying to move nothing in level editor would crash the game
- Made torch of foresight a little rarer and more expensive
- Fixed duplicate definition of “level” variable in some parts of the Item class
- Reduced likelihood of finding glass torch in glass shops (it was too common)
- Fixed bug where transmuting normal shop items was causing them to have blood costs instead of coin costs

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