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Hey everyone, the newest update for CSD has arrived! This includes a bunch of new additions and features, as well as fixing a few minor bugs. Thanks and enjoy the free update!

  • Mystery Box Mode (1-4 players, Battle Kitchen) For the first time in the game, all 30 foods will be in play in this challenge. The catch: all orders will be in secret mystery boxes until they're selected. How far can you go in this crazy challenge?
  • Weekly Sprint Challenges are now supported! These small bite sized challenges are 3 waves long (24 foods) as opposed to the standard weekly challenges (40 foods). There can be a mix of sprints and standard challenges from now on. Enjoy!
  • Wii U Pro Controller support added for the Mayflash Wii U adaptor for PC or any other third party system that allows for Wii U Pro Controller support.
  • Crazy Dave Bet emails now have text that explains the bet offer has expired if it isn't taken on the day it's recieved.
  • The Enchilada tutorial text has been clarified a bit better.

  • Adjusted system that deploys VIPs and dates. Originally if you had a high buzz restaurant, there was a chance that your VIP or date would not be "fit" into the order system, resulting in a "missed" date or VIP. That system has been tightened considerablly to try and prevent this from happening.
  • Crazy Dave's Bet 17 now properly resets if won, preventing the "bet not taken" error messages and errors related to bets.
  • Fixed a small menu display error in the Battle Kitchen menus when using a controller under certain circumstances.
  • Endurance runs ending due to food burning now properly reset when immediately retrying the event.
  • Updated Vertigo Gaming Inc. logo across the game.
  • Renamed Characters to Local Co-op in the main menu.
  • Fixed some minor errors with button images when two different controllers are used in the Battle Kitchen.
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