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Hi everyone !

Time for another update, this time introducing less but more significant bug and crash fixes.

We're also going to announce the plans for the upcoming major new build very soon, with this new build being released early next week.

Here's the changelog:

-Fixed trade route menu crash
-Fixed Attack button during combat shortcut
-Added warning when you try to add another trade route but reached the maximum trade routes you can have
-Balanced rebel factions to be less likely to appear
-Fixed special events occuring on first turn
-Fixed crash on end game with story events
-Fixed stuck story events

We also want to let everyone know that we know some people are still going through stability issues; we're working on that and testing several experimental patches. The last update brought a definite improvement in that area, and the upcoming patches will bring further improvements until we fix it for everyone.
We also want to thank everyone who took the time to email us with save files and bug reports, all of this has been a huge help for us.

Cheers !
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