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Hello everyone !

We’re back with the biggest update that we have released so far since the game’s launch 2 months ago.

We've focused mostly on stability, with many major changes under the hood, but we also put a lot of work on balancing several areas of the game, like the tech tree and AI for example as well as fixing several bugs.

Here's the changelog for 1.03:

-Improved stability
-Story events races now start with 4 planets instead of 1
-The Arka'avi and Osian races now have much better technology, making them significantly harder to beat
-Raze planet crash fixed
-It's now harder to have the AI accept long term payment deals, making it much harder to lead the AI bankrupt by asking or giving several loans. Additionally it also takes its current debt into account when making a decision.
- Added new Background music track
- Implemented a series of experimental stability fixes
- Added Space Key to skip cinematic intro
- Going back from the game to the main menu now restarts the new game settings
- Made the AI use diplomacy more actively
- Rebalanced the tech research time of several technologies in all branches
- Added Plasma Weapon Z-IV technology and ship part
- Fixed non working Technology Level tooltip when a pirate faction is
selected in the Diplomacy menu
- Fixed non working Enter Key in initial intro
- Fixed General without weapons bug
- Fixed events that are triggered when right after starting a new session
- Fixed non working "Broken Chains" speech
- Fixed barely noticeable effect of the Emergency Chip, Improved
Medical Care and Pharmaceutics technolgies
- Fixed Minor Race menu not showing the state of your relations when
they really like you
- Fixed "too much weight" window bug when leaving the ship design menu
- Fixed non working Enter Key in initial intro
- Fixed "can't estabilish trade routes with empire X" due to embargo or war message popping up when trying to move a ship to one of your planets

As always, we are listening to your feedback and really appreciate any report of issues you may find.
That said, we really hope you enjoy this update !

Cheers !
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