Unearthly Excavation: v0.29 update!

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The Fukulator Aug 1 @ 11:19am 
@Lukewarm. What? You think students will like a game where they tidy up? lol
Jonal Jul 30 @ 1:12pm 
Great update, looks better and better. Getting hungry for news !!!
Darkill-X Jul 29 @ 6:26am 
great update thk
Lukewarm Waters Jul 29 @ 5:37am 
I can't even begin to express how much I wish this game would play on a Mac.
Students everywhere would love this.
Pig_bENIS Jul 26 @ 12:02pm 
Have the mop and bucket saturations limits been applied across the board? E.g. Santas Rampage and Shadow Warrior too?
{Mo-Po}SpellCaster Jul 26 @ 10:57am 
there is a bug when u try to turn of the motion blur. it makes the screen go yellow
mamo123 Jul 25 @ 3:49pm 
that is updare is cooming soon?
Pandemicide Jul 25 @ 3:18am 
I'm glad to see that the maps are getting even more in depth and adding new features (the shovel and ground mouths). If features like this keep getting added, and maps get even bigger and more diverse, the game will be at its apex. Keep up the great work!
[STMB] Anonymous 'ETGO' Jul 25 @ 2:40am 
Yes! Love that monster in the cabe awesome!!! Good work guys ps i bought this on the sale but i would bought it even if it wasnt on sale love your game. Good work, Keep up the good work!!!
Typo Jul 24 @ 10:47pm 
++ on controller support, the lack of a controller makes playing difficult for people with disabilities who find using a keyboard and mouse painfull (like me) and I am much more likely to purchase a title I am interested in if it has native xinput support.

A huge 'thumbs up' to the dev(s) for their work on making the code base mod friendly. This game has some great modding potential and I think the more freedom the modding community has the better for everyone.