v0.9 update just days away!

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Daken  7 жов 2013 о 21:10 
I somehow floated into getting stuck in one of the hallways in the back of the orphanage after dropping a ribbon and couldn't get out of the corner by the benches.
Daken  7 жов 2013 о 20:57 
I really do believe that the flashlight being a little bit brighter would make it better. I don't mean to say illuminate the whole room but at least more then two feet from you would be good. Definitely like the feel of the game though as it gives me chills.
+CL+ Miss Lat2808 7 жов 2013 о 7:19 
I like just being able to pick one item up at a time. I like all the new fixes.
Monkeychow01 5 жов 2013 о 12:35 
No to the backpack. Make "spots" you can leave the items. Like small little alters or something like that that you can put the items down onto. I agree that the idea was that you are forced to do 1 item at a time. That works and is good. just losing the items on the ground is a pain (especially since I want to save them near the gate before oct 31st). So try making small "boxes" that you can't move that are on the ground or in specific locations that you can "put" the items to go back to. That's basically all I was doing anyways was picking a "spot" to put them all at so I remembered how to get back to them.
nblackburn 2 жов 2013 о 17:56 
How about making the player find the backpack in order for them to use it, that way it's incorperating in to the story and giving the players a choice if they should take it or not.
ShadowShifters 2 жов 2013 о 17:43 
I hear you guys, and I must admit that the original vision for the game experience is that you DO have to carry one item at a time from the orphanage into the maze, find the right headstone to deliver it to, and then return to find another one - all the while stalked at varying levels of intensity by the Huntsman. As it is at the moment, you will be able to stockpile the items in advance (say, at the maze gates for example) but even that lessens the tension.
bennieboy64(DoTheMonkeyWithMe) 30 вер 2013 о 15:02 
I think the backpack should and shouldn't be implemented. You could have a different diffuculty lvls easy would incorperate a backpack and normal would leave it out making the game harder.
13th |UKCS| 29 вер 2013 о 13:31 
I'm sort of two minds with the backpack idea. Yes it would be useful but I prefer the idea of being able to pick one item up at a time, taking it to the maze/graveyard and then going back into the orphanage and then looking for another item. As I think the game is more about hunting for the items whilst the Huntsman hunts for you
doctorheckles 29 вер 2013 о 12:42 
While a backpback would be nice I'm 50/50 on it. On one had it could be very useful and save the time it would take to come back to the house find another item and go back out. On the other hand that sounds like one of the more tension building parts of the game. The only way the backpack would be able to work I think is if your cell phone recorded each portraits dialogue so that you could listen to each one whenever you wanted (granted you found them all) so that you know who gets what item. Not sure though I still like the tension of having to work back through the maze again and again with each item.
SoRRoW 29 вер 2013 о 4:46 
Well, I think backpack could ruin it. It's convinient yes, but isn't the part of delivering the toy to the graveyard and coming back to the house to look for another one makes it more scary to play? Like if you'd have backpack, you just collect all the items and run like hell to the graveyard to finish it in a moment.