Strike Vector 1.0.4008 “Incoming call” Update

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ZeroTheGod Oct 17 @ 8:30pm 
This is a great game, its good to see that there are still new things being added to it aswell but unfortunately it wont make much of a difference to the fact that the community is almost non existant.

I dont mean to be blunt but Devs if you see this, i think its safe to say we are all begging you to somehow get a quite a larger community, whether it be by making it free to play, or maybe if you marketed and promoted your game in places. I reckon if someone saw this game as an ad on TV with just the trailer with some action in it they would be really interested.
Akro Oct 16 @ 6:21pm 
for now there is few guys on the server but enought for full two server.. may be if every body talk about the game.. seriously is only 3 euro right now XD and this game is realy good... need more marketing. Or may be dev should put the game in free to play and ad som skin or stuff "cosmetic" for get money after becom free the game can be annouced like "free multiplayer game" on mmo hut and Jol..
Blindlight Sep 2 @ 6:56am 
even though everything was empty, I just joined something and some people trickled in, who cares if it's super niche game, I'll play as long as possible!
merville Aug 17 @ 8:18am 
I wish this game had bots. I used to play a ton of singleplayer UT2k4 with bots, it was a lot of fun and player populations weren't an issue. I know that scripting AI is tough and isn't much of a possibility for a small indie dev team, but multiplayer-only games are an extremely difficult market to sustain, look at games like Hawken and Gun Monkeys, they are all decent games that are dying or dead because of player population.
JaegerBombastic Aug 17 @ 4:49am 
I blame the players for the fact that the servers are empty. This is a good game. If you're getting bored with it, just admit that you have ADHD.
POWWAAHHH!!!!! Aug 14 @ 2:06pm 
too bad the game is dead
Harcile Aug 12 @ 4:35pm 
Nice to see an update. Please port to Linux for us Lusers and increase the potential player base!
Jackmerius Tacktheritrix Aug 9 @ 9:46pm 
Game died quick. Servers are empty. Maybe this new Demolition mode will bring people back... for a short period... and then the game will die again. I stopped playing because there's no reason to. All weapons are unlocked for you to use. The only reason to grind is to unlock different chasis's which are purely cosmetic. Game gets boring quick.
Captain Sternn Aug 5 @ 11:14pm 
Too bad not many folks share the same sentement
Captain Sternn Aug 5 @ 11:12pm 
@BoomJones Yeah man its a shame. Its been like this for a while now. Arena shooters dont have proggression and unlocks to keep players interested. They would rather unlock a new wepon then spend the time and realy learn how to play the game well. I treat arena shooters like fighting games. You practice and work hard and it pays off.