Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 1a hotfix released

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johnhawker1998 2013年10月23日上午10:49 
Please help my game doesn't work. All that happens is it opens the window then displays a message saying the application has stopped working.
Rocks 2013年10月19日下午9:41 
My game wont even open. I just get sent to a black and white window and after about 5 minutes it crashes
WarNorth 2013年10月18日上午2:12 
since the update the game keeps crashing every 15min
Gristle McThornbody 2013年10月16日下午2:47 
Love the status of this alpha - it shows great promise! Now, if I could just get those damned crew members to stop asphyxiating themselves when I ask them to demolish derelict vessels...

Then again, it took me two games before I figured out that a double airlock is a must to prevent crew from getting sucked into space.
Mr. Beard 2013年10月16日下午2:33 
I'm already enjoying it! Looking forward to following the development of this game.
maldyus_grm 2013年10月16日下午12:57 
Hello.Just wished to say,that I love everything I see about the game,and I sense great things about it.Purchasing it soon.
BioDiesel112 2013年10月16日下午12:00 
train the residents rather than to care for air. please fix it
Dont Shoot 2013年10月16日上午4:24 
Thanks for the fast hotfix :)
Khalima 2013年10月16日上午1:45 
This is for sure an interesting project. :) I'll be following the development though I'll probably buy it a bit later when it's more polished.
vandigeth 2013年10月16日上午1:05 
Thanks for the quick fix. Looking forward to more updates! Of all the games from the Amnesia Fortnight, this is the one I was most excited to see.