Spacebase DF-9 Alpha 4b released + Alpha 4 video update

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ajgag57 28 mrt 2014 om 11:16vm 
I can't get my app to run for more than about a minute or two before it crashes. Even if I try to save and quit, it crahes too.
Chuck Nepton (Not Norris) 27 mrt 2014 om 10:23nm 
3 weeks of downtime isn't that uncommon after a project, devs are human too and appreciate a holiday after working like crazy during crunch time :)
[Recon]The Famous Zombie Hunter 27 mrt 2014 om 3:49nm 
Been three weeks since they finished up Amnesia Fortnight, and still no word of an update anywhere, either here or on the forums. Do not recommend buying it at this time until they show signs of resuming progress, since it isn't uncommon for indie development teams to just say fuck it and leave a game in the alpha stages, either due to losing interest, difficulty expanding the game, or simply having earned too nice of a paycheque from early buyers to care anymore and simply wandering off with their few hundred thousand dollars each.
TheGamingPuncker 25 mrt 2014 om 2:05nm 
2 updates ago when i bought it it had no lag. Now i have lots of lag issues
B-4192 21 feb 2014 om 2:02nm 
My walls have gone. Like, literally, they're invisible, k or no k.
digitalconsumer 20 feb 2014 om 5:55vm 
if a lot of people gather in a bar (think 8+) the eating counter stops going down and they are stuck until I activate the emergency alarm. Some people are also starving for no reason because I still have 'food' generators
Caimen 18 feb 2014 om 4:57nm 
Their is no lower life form than the scab.
swith 18 feb 2014 om 3:48nm 
So my builders are on strike - they go outside, sit outside the airlock for five seconds, then start suffocating and coming back in. The miners are fine, the suit lockers are in good condition, i have piles of material - is this like a union thing? Are they afraid of being scabs?
Pink Fairy Armadillo 18 feb 2014 om 11:09vm 
Excellent good! Thanks for your attentiveness!
Vladimir Eternal <Robocraft> 18 feb 2014 om 6:49vm