Trials Fusion DLC #2 Released - Empire of the Sky

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Federa Oct 6 @ 4:22am 
i bought this and nothing happened!!!! where is my dlc????
>:HoBO:< Z3N Oct 3 @ 5:10pm 
Don't get fooled... I bought this and nothing happened!!! They cheated me out of my money!
Do not buy!
scott_hylands Sep 10 @ 11:30am 
this game is nowhere near as good as trial evolution looks like they've gone a step back
sorry leap back if you ask me
Teh Browniemixx Sep 7 @ 6:38pm 
don't care about the DLC when can we get online play?
dark_side1109 Sep 6 @ 11:41am 
you sh*t the bed with no online MP & crap for local MP.... thats all me and my son played was online ... i'm kind of upset i wasted money on your game, for PC & Xbox
leegrego29 Sep 3 @ 10:21am 
we want online or at least a date
Orionsangel Aug 31 @ 9:08am 
Why it has no online multiplayer is beyond me! It should have been a manditory decision.
Trials evolution was great with playing with friends, shame you can't play with friends on Trials Fusion except from crappy local. Sort ya shit out devs.
WhiteRasta Aug 28 @ 2:37pm 
No ones cares about more maps we can't play with our friends.
Bilstar Aug 28 @ 4:49am 
Bit disappointed with this game I must say. I mostly play local multiplayer and there are only about 12 multiplayer tracks included with the game and the user generated tracks number about the same at the time of writing this. Also, if you don't own every DLC, your version of the game may be incompatible with some user made tracks which obviously limits your choice of tracks further. A shame, not freat value for money IMO.