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iainrmacmillan Nov 19 @ 6:36am 
I think it's a bit frustrating to see posts about how cheap this game can be sold for when I'm about to pay 3 x the price. I love supporting indie games, but I've never played one on pc before (I really do like consoles) so I might just not enjoy/get around to it. I still have The Binding of Isaac sitting there and additionally could not use the "stand up" command in Among the Sleep without breaking the game. I AM going to download this and cross my fingers that it works...
The Bird Is The Word Apr 13 @ 4:43pm 
also wanna get FTL...
The Bird Is The Word Apr 13 @ 4:43pm 
Me to!
Moleno Apr 7 @ 5:05pm 
Can't wait to buy this game! It looks fantastic.