Build 12 - Going To The Dogs!

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Sitruc102 Mar 9 @ 2:47pm 
when i said realistic i didnt mean only humans can be infected i meant i want it to be realistic with all the survival elements there would need to be but i prefer there to only be the classic zombies, and personally i dislike any other form of zombie like dogs, or in left 4 dead where one infection randomly mutates certain people into various monsters, and because of that it ruins the experience for me and i would like there to be an option to have them or not
MisterLuso (POR) Mar 6 @ 7:12pm 
This game is getting my attention!!
Woden son Mar 1 @ 3:38pm 
Really apperciate what you guys are looking to do and i cant wait to see what other updates you add.
Falkkon Mar 1 @ 10:19am 
Fluff. The dogs are fluff to say "look guys we did something!". (And you know it is guys :P) Develop the game, work your existing code, make it more modular so you can add features without needing bugfix after bugfix.

Appreciate the look into AI and pathing, I was right on the money. Now, look at your procedural generation code and look for duplicate function calls and all-around badness. I personally don't think creating a chunk (like VGSOH did) is going to work for this game, but it's not mine so I can't say anything.

Also appreciate the lighting and density fixes. Some buildings are still getting stuck in the side of hills, and roads lead to nowhere.
elxist Feb 28 @ 6:17am 
Why not add zombie bugs then? to bad , you were infected and did not know where it came from! game over! yay! The Zom-bees got me! You know infection can spread to other things then humans...yes , and insects are the number one transmitter for disease , so that would be perfectly plausable and not fun at all...Also , a "zombie virus" is definitely a possibility in the realm of reality . There are lots of diseases that only effect humans and have never mutated to infect other species and vice versa...There is a fungus that kills and reanimates ants as we dont think someone , somewhere in some lab is experimenting on that and other things? People have been experimenting with reviving the dead for centuries...But in all actuallity a "zombie virus" would probably be closer to the rage virus from 28 days/ altered/mutated rabies virus
elxist Feb 28 @ 6:17am 
I am not talking about realism , because none of these games are even close...ever . Most people that are looking to play this type of game are looking for a zombie survival experience similar to the classic zombie movies period. We are not talking about a real infection , because hey if they even scratched you once it would be game over . In this games description they clearly stated "The classic shambler zombies will be the core enemy of the game." walking dead as in what appears in the Romero movies . THAT is what the majority of people that came to look at this game , got their attention . If they are going to include things like zombie dogs , bulls , cactus , Zom-bees...fine . All I am saying is , a LOT of people will not want those things in their game...They just simply need to put an option in it , to turn those things off . So people interested in a "zombie survival game" can have that . They do that , I will pay for a copy ASAP . Until then , no
Gamma 007 Feb 25 @ 11:55pm 
I guess im the only one who thinks this, but i actually like the implement of infected animals. If you wanna talk about realism, try to justify how a zombie virus could even exist. the fact of the matter is virus strands are consistently changing and viruses have gone from species to species in real life,so why could a virus that is evolved enough to reanimate and control humans not to the same to animals? In fact, i'd like to see even more. like perhaps infected bucks whose' meat are actually infected, perhaps they run differently or seem sick. What about implementing a large array of livestock whom do the same. perhaps some look normal until you see the meat, or maybe some look ill and are slower? maybe some attack on site? i don't see how these ideas can't be taken just as seriously as a zombie.
RA|» PsycoMeijer Feb 25 @ 7:08am 
Stupid people, do you think that only humans can get infectet? Then you dont know nothing and people like you should shut up.
Good work on the game so far guys! and hope there will be some sort of living npc in some sort of town/outpost, friendly as unfriendly.
The BadNews Bear Feb 22 @ 12:38pm 
make it so you nees to find a flash light and maybe add in a lighter to make another lightsource and so zombies cant see thoght wood and add a baseball bat and crafting 4 the arrows and let us throw stones at the zombies pls also even if i dont have it it is a great game
cant wait geting this game in a hour YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this game is awesome