M2 Update Out Now

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monkeybrosjr Jun 5 @ 10:05pm 
and also are ther any skiing or snowboarding sims other than this one
monkeybrosjr Jun 5 @ 10:03pm 
is there a way i can make it so i can use the m2 or m1 update instead of the current m3
Sean of the flour May 7 @ 10:24pm 
I don´t really need any sound yet, just add music and it will be good
valvo plz fix Apr 30 @ 11:25pm 
he should move when he with speed
Kubiks Apr 26 @ 8:46am 
6 months in development and still NO SOUND?
Doctor Penguin Apr 23 @ 10:02am 
Congrats, you added hats... not tf2 or anything..
Mason Apr 16 @ 9:00pm 
Still no snowboards? Logic man. Logic. Ski's are so 70's
The Kid Apr 16 @ 7:04pm 
Really hope the ingame skiing animations get updated soon!!! This game is sweett so far! As a skier...finally a skiing game!!!
jcipitelli Apr 16 @ 12:52pm 
Guys, please remeber this game is still in a stage of development. There will be snowboards added in the future.(dont ask me when, as i dont know nor do i work for this company that released snow). They are just trying to fix the bugs before adding more things to it. Manly because of they dont want to double the amount of bugs in the game. i apoligise for my bad spelling. (Steam needs auto-correct)
Fink Apr 16 @ 7:32am 
6 months after release, still no snowboards, yet now they are using snowboards in their game description to sell it. Think I'll stay away from this one, appears to be some bias IMO