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We are extremely excited to announce that SNOW will be entering Closed Beta this March!
On March 10th, the Closed Beta will be available to Early Access players only. On March 28th, the mountain will be open to everyone else who signs up for the Closed Beta.

Those who have already joined SNOW’s Early Access on Steam don't need to sign up for the Closed Beta and will get automatic access more than two weeks before the rest of the players. We wanted to make sure our Early Access backers are the first people to try out this next major update as a token of our appreciation for all the support they have shown us throughout the earliest stages of SNOW’s development.

We will also reward all players who participate in the Closed Beta with an exclusive Sean Pettit Red Bull helmet. This is the actual custom helmet that freeskier Sean Pettit wears on the mountain and this is the only time to get it. It won’t be available for purchase after the Closed Beta, so sign up to make sure you get yours!

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