Update 01.015.016

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AveHumor Jan 29 @ 4:56pm 
What I'm wandering is if I can use a microphone to speak to my friends on here. I know it's a stupid question, but can I? I would really appreciate it if you can tell me. Thanks :)
~* BiZZ Keryear *~ Jan 28 @ 3:38am 
Frankly speaking...I don't like the multiplayer and imho it hasen't done anything good to the game (,yet).
It has increased the lag.
It has added a stutter (which is fairly but not completly fixed by now) to the character movement.
The loading time is getting worse with each version... (level only the startup of the game is ok actually).
And the UI is as shitty as in the first version.

About the lag:
The lag problom is so hard that my "USS rotation V2" ship is unplayable. And because of the lag problems parts crash into each other (they shouldn't technically, and even if, then not that way they do .. the engine section damaged the front of the ship. which is on the other side of ship and [that damage] is impossible ... the ship is too long for that)
The doors won't open there either (I expect the lag is doing that... but I haven't bothered to do a full test.. so it might also a bug between screen and chair)
Kaljaman Jan 27 @ 1:07pm 
Can somebody help me? Somehow when i try to launch this it just doesn't. Why?
☢☣Nukes☣☢ Jan 27 @ 3:47am 
i cant wait to buy!
AotM.Sχῖbolt Jan 26 @ 6:50pm 
Could you guys add a feature where you can change the orientation of a copy/pasted object? Especially for stations, It would be really handy.
Tom Dackery Jan 26 @ 6:12pm 
@Death Dealer (Witch Hunter): you can transfer ships and stations to other worlds. You either Cntrl+X or Cntrl+C (make sure copy paste is enabled for the world - note: Cntrl+X will Cut the ship to your clipboard, so it will dissapear. I suggest using Cntrl+C then if you just want to transfer it after copying it, hit Esc to cancel the current paste - you'll see what I mean). What you do then is exit that world, load (or join) the world you want to bring the ship to, then Cntrl+V to transfer/paste the ship into that world. As long as the ship is in your clipboard, you can paste it as many times as you want. I use this to back up my ship designs from an online world to an offline world, so if the ships get destroyed, I have backups saved.
David Six Jan 26 @ 7:52am 
Simply amazing game, for an alpha release this has to be a first. Working multiplayer. I realize it has limitations and have yet to ask for the goodies I think are missing. I think I will wait and see how far this will progress before asking. So far things that I have wanted to see in the game have already been added.

I want to say a few things though: Great job dev team! Great response! Great community! Keep it up and let us know what we can do to help make this simulation the best of its kind.
Giant Angriness Jan 26 @ 5:02am 
Personally I think being able to play silly buggers in giant spaceships with a buddy is a very effective way to make a feature incomplete alpha like this great fun.
Asia Argento Jan 24 @ 8:15am 
Any chance you can fix the viewmodels with 90* fov. When i have the drill out, i can see something (I think it's a foot) in the bottom right of the screen. Also when you look down in 90, Your actual model looks really close for some reason.
SheSaidSheWasLVL18 Jan 24 @ 7:12am 
Oh, yes!!! thank you guys. And now please shilds or other defense from weapon.